• Duane Lamers

    What is happening in Britain probably is the best thing that could happen to the Muslim community has a whole. I’d like to think that in our own country Muslim who want nothing to do with the terrorists in their midst are also reporting on mosques in the control of Islamists.

    The general perception as far as I can determine here is that the majority of Muslims are afraid of some of their own, thereby making many non-Muslims uneasy with the Muslim presence in communities.

    I wonder whether the radical Muslims are counting on the silence of the others and that a breaking of this silence might be the most effective weapon in reducing the terrorist movement to impotency.

  • Earold Gunter

    Duane makes very good points, and although admittedly off topic, I can’t help but see the analogy of these points with radical Christian groups like Westboro Baptists Church, and the crisis the Catholic Church faces with child sexual abuse by clergy.

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