Little Sisters act * Kippah ban * Quelle quenelle?: Religious Freedom Recap: Dec. 30 – Jan. 6

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Photo by Meostil via Wikimedia Commons

A man performing the quenelle

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Nuns bring SCOTUS and the Obama administration to a head over the federal contraception mandate. Israel’s soccer association lifts its ban on kippahs. And France is in a tizzy over the spread of a rude (and possibly anti-Semitic) hand gesture. No, not that one.

  • Daniel Berry, NYC

    Wow, dude – looks like you had your hands full last week.

  • gilhcan

    Nuns, following orders from the bishops, especially their collective known as the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops, are only getting in step with Hobby Lobby and other commercial enterprises in using any excuse to force their thinking and beliefs onto others–thus violating freedom of religion and freedom from religion. There are already sufficient ways for any legally qualified entity to exempt themselves from Affordable Care Act requirements that might, with any extended sense, violate their religion. This is politics. Dirty politics.

    The simplest, most respectful, and legal way would be to leave it up to individuals to determine their sex practices for themselves, including whether or not to use any contraceptives, even whether or not to legally pursue abortions.

    Employers are using it just to get out of paying costs that are really part of their workers’ remuneration, like Social Security and unemployment taxes. It’s an excuse, a deceit, and last I heard, deceit was considered a fault by most religions.

    By the way, the National Catholic Reporter today suspended all comments to its articles. They already used moderating techniques, and they often did so to excess, just because some people disagreed with the ideas that were published. So there was no need to stop all commenting.

    In short, the NCR, like the Catholic Church at large for too many centuries, opposes free thought and free speech–even under Pope Francis. The NCR, like the church in times past, just wants its readers to “pay, pray, and obey.” Inhibitions against thought and speech are “sinful.” There are easy ways today to genuinely, honestly “moderate” personal ugliness out of commentaries. Ending comments is no different than the inquisitions. It is no different than the episcopal cover-up of the sex scandal caused by Catholic clergy.

  • gilhcan

    PS: Let’s hope Religion News Service doesn’t even consider following the squelching, one-way speech and preaching ways of the NCR!