North Korea and ‘failed’ Muslim states top Open Doors’ Christian persecution list. So what?

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A new report from Christian advocacy group Open Doors cites Islamic extremism and organized corruption as main drivers of Christian persecution in its annual list of worst offenders. Should non-Christians care?

  • Larry

    Their sectarian agenda and frankly self-serving actions (providing Bibles and training evangelical leaders) relegate them to irrelevance. They actually do more harm by making it easy to dismiss human rights abuses as possible hyperbole or exaggeration.

    Open Doors not a group which advocates nor acts to improve the lives of people in those nations. Merely create more martyrs for publicity purposes and increase headcounts for Christianity.

    The claim that Christians are the most persecuted religious group is complete hogwash. This is a group which dishonestly counted ethnic clashes (between two groups of Christians) as examples of persecution. It is also a claim which ignores the role Christians have in being the persecutors in many nations in this day and age.

    The idea of noting human rights violations worldwide is noble. Doing so to serve a sectarian political agenda as Open Doors does is repugnant.

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