Bridge closed * Contraception reconsidered * Arm gesture: Thursday’s Religion News Roundup

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Cover of New York Post with headline, "Chris in a Jam."

Courtesy Newseum

Cover of the New York Post on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's latest woes.

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Blunt reactions to Gov. Chris Christie. Evangelicals reconsider whether contraception is a good thing. A French comedian is accused of being an anti-Semite.

  • John McGrath

    Woo, the mainstream media are reporting only that some aides to Gov. Christie ordered the bridge closing. At this point there is NO evidence that Christie knew of this stunt.

    P.S. I would never vote for Christie.

  • John McGrath

    If Obama is clearing the way for the AntiChrist, shouldn’t fundamentalists vote for him to hasten God’ plan?

  • John McGrath

    The contraception embrace by evangelical Protestants came only when a poiltical/pro-Republican alliance was struck with the Catholic church hierarchy. Fundamentalist Protestants still think all Catholics will go to hell but they’re useful for getting a Republican elected to the White House, and the Catholic hierarchy consider the fundamentalists useful for turning the American people against contraceptives (the first version of which was developed by a Catholic physician to prevent abortions).

  • John McGrath

    Too bad about John Dear. But Jesuits have a tradition of humbling celebrity priest by ordering them to take on assignments of less visibility. And why can’t lay Catholics lead Catholic peace movements?

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  • Kevan Scott

    Unfortunately, lately I’ve found that most atheists have more moral courage than the so called believers of people that follow those like Jeffers. They want their tax free status but want to be able to preach politics from the pulpit, directly contradicting the law. But, do they care? Nope, they’re too busy enjoying their tax free donations and telling people like me that I could be not blind and thus not poor if only I had more faith or confessed some sin. Well, they are the exact hypocrites Jesus preached about and I’m fed up with it and people like Jeffers spreading his lies! I guess I have some belief left in God but that belief has been much strained by those like Jeffers who continue to spread hate and intolerence from the pulpit.

  • Don’t let the religious charlatans take away your faith in the God of creation. Not unlike the deceived, greedy, and self-serving religious leaders of old, Jeffers and his kind must keep the people in ignorance in order to maintain their position with Caesar while rejecting the God of all humanity under the pretense of serving Him. The only difference is that the people of old were unlearned and ignorant; today they are falsely educated, lazy and willingly ignorant. But then the Light came and many accepted Him and were led out of the grip of the charlatans. May the so-called Christians begin to study God’s word for themselves so that the True Light may shine upon them. Every American president since and including Ronald Reagan, who appointed America’s first ambassador to the Vatican, has been paving the way for the Antichrist. Yea, he is verily among us and all the world is wondering after him. (Revelation 13:8)