Aitzaz, the Pakistani boy who stood up to the suicide bomber (and what we are missing)

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Close-up of Aitzaz Hussain

Pakistani social media

Close-up of Aitzaz Hussain

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Through honoring and celebrating the sacrifice of Aitzaz Hussain, I wonder about a world in which heroism is intertwined with death, as opposed to being measured in the small, mundane acts of goodness and beauty by, among and for the living.

  • Atheist Max

    Aitzaz Hussain, a great hero to be remembered.

    Like Malala Yousefzai, a symbol of humanity and decency – and an example of defiance against religion’s fundamental barbarism.

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  • I was fine with this article until you mentioned a world without occupation. What exactly are you referring to? Is that even part of the story? Occupation by suicide bombers in Pakistan or are we talking about the USA occupation via using drones or are you referring to Israel’s presence in the Middle East/ Because the latter has nothing to do with a suicide bomber killing fellow Muslims and to suggest so is unfair. I am very sorry that the world has come to this but you can not blame Israel or even the United States of America for suicide bombers.

  • Dear Diane,
    It’s a general and universal prayer: may all poverty be alleviated, may all war be ended, may all occupation be ended, may all suffering be brought to an end.
    No, Israel does not have anything to do with suicide bombing in Pakistan.
    Yes, Israel is currently occupying the West Bank, otherwise known as the Occupied Palestinian territories. Has been since 1967. And Yes, I do pray for the ending of that occupation, and the restoration of a meaningful peace and justice among Palestinians and Israelis.
    ps. I didn’t blame the United States for suicide bombings. I do hold us responsible for drones.