The Twible on Fox News

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Fox News TwibleToday on is a video interview I did on Friday with interviewer Lauren Green, talking about The Twible. Why tweet the Bible? What were some favorite chapters? What complaints have I gotten about the irreverent nature of the book?

I enjoyed being on the program, but you might notice that I started the interview completely out of breath. I got lost on the way to the studio in Denver (thank you, Apple Maps!) and had to run/walk about five blocks to make the interview.

Then the receptionist and I ran/walked up to the third floor and got me seated and miked with ONE MINUTE TO SPARE. And then . . . go!  So you can probably tell that I was still panting.



  • So I take it Ms. Green did not adapt her Reza Aslan question and ask why a Mormon would tweet the Bible?

  • Jeff Parkes

    Jana Riess. On Fox News.
    For a minute I thought that might be an Onion headline 🙂

    Jana, I’ll bet ‘has appeared on Fox News’ is not something you ever thought you’d be able to add to your biography-

    Watched the interview – I thought you explained very well what you are doing with the Twible. The interviewer didn’t mention that the Twible also has some pretty good and useful short reading-guides to many of the books of the bible.

  • I was indeed a little worried about that! Very glad it didn’t come up . . . It was a friendly, non-adversarial interview, to my relief.