• John McGrath

    Weird take on Jewish foodies. Is being Jewish a religion or an ethnic identity? Does the individual person of Jewish background have the right to make that choice? Does anyone else have the right to condemn that choice?

  • Yonat Shimron

    Good points, John. I don’t think the intention of the article was to condemn these foodies, just to point out that in trying to create a new food culture they are trampling over an older Jewish food culture.

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  • Kevan Scott

    Did the Christian hypocrites even mention, much less mourn the untold millions of lives lost in the Afghanistan/Iraq war? Do they mourn or even think about the children killed each and every day by guns here in America? Do they consider the millions killed every day by war somewhere around the world? No, they focus on unborn fetus’s, most of which wouldn’t survive more than a second or two outside the womb. They decry abortion, when in many cases that abortion prevents another child from being born into abject poverty or into a place that is not nuturing, healthy. Or to a teen raped by someone. No, they would rather focus their “Christian attention on the unborn, unliving thing rather than do what Jesus commanded them to do: Heal the sick, care for the poor, visit those in prison. Worse yet, a good many of today’s Christians want to cut aid to the poor, and disabled. They blame the poor for their poverty and say if only that person would work. Sure, there’s always a job at minumim wage for someone. But minimum wage is still just a poverty wage and the person is still poor, without proper food. No, these Christian hypocrites wouldn’t lift a finger to help the poorand worse yet they worship the rich and you can turn the television on any day or night to some preacher telling you to sow a seed of faith and that if you do that God will bless you with whatever you want including untold riches. Then why is it that preacher of a perverted gospel the only one who seems to be getting rich? I’m disgusted with these faux Christians and their worship of fetus’s and money an their disdain for the poor! I no longer call myself a Christian as a protest against the followers and preachers of a perverted gospel of greed. I’ll stick to being a follower, such as I am, of Jesus and his words The hypocrisy of the supposed Christian right disgusts me!!

  • John McGrath

    Point taken. But the older Jewish food culture will survive. My Catholic mother preferred to shop at a Kosher butcher shop. She wasn’t the only non-Jew doing so. P.S. She did have a kosher practicing religious Jewish niece, but the niece lived in Paris and we in NYC, so there wasn’t much contact.

  • David McCullough

    Mr. Scott, we’ve been reading your tirades for quite a while. We all know how you feel about Christians, and you are correct about one thing. There are many Christians who are hypocritical and we will always fall short of what we claim be. You’ve made your point. Give it a rest. Move on. Your tantrums will change nothing. Perhaps it would be helpful for you to put some of that energy into doing something else that might actually benefit others. I do wish you well. Consider moving to Saudi Arabia. I hear there are relatively few Christians and they tend to stay quiet. Peace+