Mike Huckabee turns ‘libido’ comments into cash

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Mike Huckabee shaking hands

Phot by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Governor Mike Huckabee at a book signing at the 2011 Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Former Arkansas Governor and Fox News host Mike Huckabee rekindled the the debate over government coverage of contraceptives with provocative comments to the Republican National Committee. Huckabee’s response?  Turn the media firestorm into a fundraising opportunity. He wants conservatives to show their support by donating to his political action committee.

Huckabee is a former Baptist pastor who ran an unsuccessful bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008. His strongest support within the GOP comes from evangelicals and other social conservatives.

Huckabee made headlines after he told the Republican National Committee that Democrats were telling women “they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control, because they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government.”

Huckabee isn’t letting this media attention go to waste.

Last night, he went to Facebook and defended his comments.  He said to expect more comments like this as he and other conservatives fight liberal policies.

Then, he went for supporters’ wallets and purses.

“If you agree with me and want me to keep calling it like I see it, then I need you to do something urgent,” Huckabee wrote. “Please give an immediate donation to my political action committee Huck PAC in any amount you can afford.”

He warned supporters that “Democrats and their accomplices in the media” will be looking to his fundraising effort as a sign for how popular he is: if supporters don’t give, then they will have proof that Huckabee’s views are outdated.

“Help me show them they are dead wrong by making an immediate donation here. This is urgent. So please donate online immediately or: https://www.huckpac.com/donate.” Huckabee wrote. “I am counting on you tonight because we know the Democrats like to distort the facts –expecting Republicans to duck and run but guess what I won’t! To fight back I need your help immediately. Your donation today will help me fight them on every front in 2014!”

  • Cassidy Younker

    This is one of the most offensive statements I have heard about women’s health rights/issues in a very long time. I really cannot fathom why in 2014 we are still debating birth control, more specifically why white males are debating this, whether or not a woman has a right or need to access medical treatment for her body. Birth control pills, which are just synthetic hormones, do not just stop a woman from being able to conceive. They also help women who have endometriosis function in daily life, rather than sit at home and writhe in agony or pop pain killers so they can take care of themselves in a much more damaging way. That is just one of many examples that come down to the fact that prescription medications are not a religious issue, they are a medical one that a woman should have the freedom to have with her doctor alone, not in the court of public opinion. Mr. Huckabee has also illustrated just how completely out of touch with women the RNC really is, even after horrible losses in recent years due to just such issues. Women want the government to step in on their behalf, just as everyone else does, when there is injustice being perpetrated…it does not make us (women) look weak for relying on the entity responsible for oversight to do their job and make things right.

  • Larry

    Mike Huckabee has always been known for saying stupid things which fundamentalists love hearing. His creationist beliefs alone are worthy of ridicule.

    Frankly anyone at this stage opposing birth control is a raging moron. There is no rational or sane purpose behind it. People want overpopulation, poverty and limitations to career and education opportunities? I guess so. Especially for women.

    The only socially sanctioned excuse left for such a position is religious belief. Frankly that isn’t good enough. Religion sanctions many things which are silly, harmful to society or lack any kind of logical purpose.

    Lets be honest here, they are strictly talking about female contraception. Male contraception is cheaper than cigarettes. Female contraception involves medical expertise and real prescription costs. Its all about how to marginalize women and attack the current government sponsored healthcare law.

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  • Earold Gunter

    Can’t imagine why he wasn’t President with a message like that. It is clearly part of the tea party message, and their messages are clearly what the majority of true Americans believe. This will be proved in the next Presidential election, right Madame President?

  • Frank

    If your doctor prescribes a medicine to help someone with their medical condition insurance should pay. Family planning is not a medical condition and should be the responsibility of the family. Quite simple really.

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  • Larry

    Calling women who want contraception, dirty whores who can’t control their libido, does not entitle you to make decisions for them.

    If women consider family planning to be medical care (since they bear the entire physical burden of giving birth), so be it. Their bodies, they know better.

  • Frank

    I called them no such thing. Is your position so weak that you have to lie? Yes.

    If your doctor prescribes a medicine to help someone with their medical condition insurance should pay. Family planning is not a medical condition and should be the responsibility of the family. Quite simple really.

  • Larry

    You just think you know better about what constitutes their healthcare issues better than they would. How big of you.

    Frank, when you have the ability to become pregnant or study the medical science involved with those who have it, you can give judgments as to what is medically necessary on the subject.

    Family planning for women is certainly a medical condition since it involves the expertise of doctors, prescriptions and specialized equipment requiring surgical implantation.

    But you just naturally know better because women who want contraception are not to be taken seriously I guess. /s.