St. Colbert * Pushing up daisies * Sin City: Friday’s Roundup

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courtesy Comedy Central

courtesy Comedy Central

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(RNS) Go green for God with an eco-friendly burial that drops the mahogany casket and gas-guzzling hearse. What can Catholics learn from Stephen Colbert? And is meditation only a thing for attractive blondes? All that and more in today's Roundup.

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  • Atheist Max

    Atheists love Colbert.

    His liberal Christianity is exactly what most Atheists believed in before they finally realized that God is neither likely to exist, nor necessary, nor very helpful, for anything humanistic or positive.

  • Patrick Fitzgerald

    Sounds like Adam Shaw has the Bible and Atlas Shrugged mixed up again….

  • Larry

    “Las Vegas officials are making a HUGE push to lure the 2016 GOP convention to Sin City”

    So this time the delegates won’t have to worry about getting arrested for gambling and hookers.

  • Kevan Scott

    Perhhaps someday Adam Shaw will realize that it isn’t the Pope he needs to be mad at, No Shaw you need to be mad at Jesus! He’s the one who said all those ‘liberal things like making sure the poor were fed

  • Cynthia Cravens

    Yes, of course, Atheism is the apotheosis of human civilization…except that, as you Atheists are so adverse to joining groups, submitting to authority, coming together in self-sacrifice to accomplish goals, how the heck are you going to be able to create the institutions that make all the glorious art, music, and architecture that Stephan Colbert’s Catholic Church is so rightly famous for?

    Is a society full of atheists (outside the ethnically-culturally pure homogenous societies of Japan and the Nordic nations) capable of creating civilization, full of glorious art, music, and architecture?

    Or, is a society full of atheists destined to manifest the art, architecture, and music, of say, North Korea?

  • Larry

    Why must you lie about Atheists so baldly?

    Atheists do organize, get involved with charities and have glorious art, music and architecture. But its not like you are going to make any efforts to find this out. You just want to make silly assumptions and smugly superior to people whose beliefs you do not share.

    I guess to you, art and culture peaked around the 17th Century. Before all of those nasty Enlightenment ideals came along.