Why We Need to Die Now: The spirituality of “Die before you Die”, Braveheart, Garth Brooks, and Living Now according to Prophet Muhammad

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Author, with a friend in conversation about the saying of the Prophet

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Author, with a friend in conversation about the saying of the Prophet

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Muslims remember the Prophet as having taught us: “Die before you die.” It is a paradoxical statement, with two deaths. And a luminous life in the middle.

  • aydogan

    Dear Omid,

    Let me quote:

    ” ‘Everything is perishing but God’s face’ (Qur’an 28:88): unless thou art in God’s face (essence), do not seek to exist. When any one has passed away (from herself or himself) in my [God’s] face, the words “everything is perishing” are not applicable (to her or him).
    (Mathnawi, 3052-53).


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  • Saeed

    Salaam Prof Omid,
    Enjoyed your piece. I love this beautiful Hadith and am using it in a manuscript. I have been unable to source it. Would you be able to comment on the source?
    Thanks and with best regards,
    Saeed Malik

  • Salaam aleikum ~ I’m a spiritual aspirant and student in the contemplative dimension of all religions with special interest in Sufism. I was deeply impressed by the quote attributed to the prophet: Die before you die. In the Christian scripture, I imagine this is what Jesus, in his conversation with Nicodemus, was implying when he told Nicodemus that he must be born again, that is he had to die to his ego before he can be born again. Or, die many times before he is free enough to pass through the eye of a needle.

  • Farah Nahin Jui

    First thank to Almighty Allah by him I can feel the taste of life.By my little knowledge I have thought and in fact try to feel how it feels when death comes.Death is not only our own death.Death is felt by every creation which has been created.Our prophet’s this valuable hadith “Die before you die” means a lot to me……Thank you writer for share this knowledge.
    Farah Nahin Jui

  • If I consider ego as a reference to my inner self, as a reference to energy inside myself, known as soul. Does “Die before you die” means death of ones soul?

  • Margosa

    The understanding I have from the teacher of my soul, Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, is that which must die, the. , what we call the ego, must die…letting go of worldly attachments and accompanying karma…..the differences between “I and you “, the separations between us, so that when we do experience our physical death our soul is unencumbered and free in its purity. That never dies.