Doves II * Baptist Sex * Muslim Supergirl : Tuesday’s Roundup

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Superpope! via @PCCS_VA

Superpope! via @PCCS_VA

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Will there be no more papal doves? Will the Southern Baptist Convention answer all your sex questions? Will mainstream comics hypersexualize even their teenage Muslim superheroes? The answers, my friend, are blowing in the wind.

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  • Perry

    The way that update at the end reads, I thought those parents named their daughter Lauren Markoe, until I scrolled down a bit.

  • Kevan Scott

    I’m blind and I say that to say that I am sure that Marvel could show her as female without hypersexualizing her. If she were truly Muslim and it was real life I’d guess that being Muslim observent would result in her not hypersexualizing herself in real life. Am I right Muslims? Is there any sect of your religion that would allow 16 yr. old girls to dress provocatively? Hmmm, Lauren Marcoe? It’s a nice name! By the way, 11 degrees here in Colorado Springs. So a bit worse here at 11 and snow on the ground but not by much! James Dobson and myself do agree on 1 thing, it’s a great place to live! Past that, not so much.

  • Charles Austin

    Thanks for the Pete Seeger video. What a treasure he was! And this video shows him at his best.

  • Nate

    I have not read this Marvel comic. But I have read hundreds (thousands?) of other comics by various publishers including Marvel. One of the things about Superhero comics is that the vast majority of superheroes– male and female– are portrayed as peak specimens of human physiology, and are often drawn wearing very little clothing, and the clothing they do wear is often skin tight. Why don’t we complain that Wolverine is hyper sexualized or Spider-Man? You can see every nook and cranny of their physiology as well in their outfits. I think the tight costume is an inextricable part of the superhero genre. And given the standards of the superhero universe, the Muslim girl IS dressed modestly. Compare her outfit to say Black Widow or Wonder Woman (or Wolverine or Spider Man or 1990’s Batman with his codpiece!). She is much more modest. Yes, we might be able to dress her even more modestly. But if we did, would it still be a superhero comic? Or would it become another genre, another universe that is more like our world, and less like the world that superheroes inhabit? Modesty is culturally relative, and superhero comics have their own culture with their own taboos and rules. She is a practicing Muslim in that culture, not ours. And that brings up interesting questions of continuity and discontinuity.

  • Janice Marie Johnson

    Regarding today’s roundup featuring, “Goodbye Pete Seeger,” I am surprised and saddened to read your introductory words, “He was not a man of religion….” Pete Seeger was a Unitarian Universalist. As a Unitarian Universalist, I don’t think one can get more “religious” than that!

    Pete, a dear friend, was a member of my home congregation, the Community Church of New York for over 20 years. He signed our membership book on September 29, 1992. As Rev. Bruce Southworth, Senior Minister noted yesterday, “One special evening here at Community was the celebration of his 85th birthday with the collaboration of the UU Service Committee. It was a moment of blessing, inspiration and ongoing challenge to embody the Beloved Community.”

    Pete was an extraordinary role model for so many, well attuned to the linkages of oppression within and outside of his lived experience. He founded The New York City Streetsingers, a chorus with a multicultural focus in 1992. I joined that chorus and have fond memories of Pete as our chorus song leader at Community.

    It was Pete who taught me that I have a song to sing, a story to tell. It was Pete who championed a singing group of which I was a member, commUUnity (spelled with two UUs representing Unitarian Universalist).

    Timing is everything…. The Living Legacy Project had planned to interview him next month…. Such is life. Let us give thanks for this generous man of generous spirit. Ah, yes, this man of religion!