Why a band of American heathens is fighting to protect atheists — and Christians — abroad

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Michael De Dora

Photo by Bruce Press

Michael De Dora is director of CFI’s Office of Public Policy and represents CFI at the United Nations. He heads CFI’s Campaign for Free Expression, which launched in 2012 to increase public awareness of threats to this fundamental right.

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The Center for Inquiry’s Michael DeDora explains why his secular group is teaming up with unlikely allies on the Christian right to fight for freedom of expression around the world.

  • Information regarding the Pakistan is 100% true and i appreciate CFI who are working with noble vision.

  • Tec15

    So CFI were protesting a “crackdown on atheist bloggers” in Bangladesh, but where were they when there was a much harsher and far more lethal crackdown on religious protestors in that country in May 2013, complete with a media blackout? Indifferent or quietly satisfied since the victims where “backward Muslims” and not poor, persecuted atheists? Do non atheists and Christians receive any consideration in this new alliance or is it taken as a given that those two groups can only be victims with Muslims as the eeeeeevil persecutors? The Big, Bad Muslims are always in the wrong even if it is Burma or the Central African Republic, while the virtuous atheists and Christians are always the victims even in places like the People’s Republic of China or Russia?

    Nice to see that two such disparate groups can unite out of a mutual loathing of other groups, shared persecution complexes, and a desire to impose “American values” on the rest of the World under the guise of “Universality”. Feh.

  • Darkus62

    Yes. Egypt today, anyone? Sam Huntingdon coming back, all forgiven.