• I am a Messianic Jewish Rabbi which means that I believe Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah of the Jewish people and savior of the nations. (I am also a lawyer as well.) I found your article on Netanyahu’s son to be offensive and lacking understanding as to why Jewish people would be upset about intermarriage. We have couples of both backgrounds (Jewish and Christian) who are welcomed in our congregation and make no distinction between them and couples who are both Jewish. But that people are upset is not news because you could have the same reaction in Catholic, Muslim or even Baptist families. So your “gasp” is inappropriate and will be used by anti-Semites as just another example of how weird Jews are. Lighten up on those who strongly hold their family values even if they may be exaggerated to some or many. My two shekels. David

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  • Angela

    I think Yonat was just summarizing what’s appeared in the press. Her “gasp!” is very mellow compared to what I read. (Apparently Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now denying his son is dating a non-Jewish Norwegian woman.) But here’s the reaction covered by Haaretz:

    Shas leader Aryeh Deri told an ultra-Orthodox radio station, Kol Barama, that if true [that both are indeed dating], Netanyahu and wife Sara would experience “great heartache.”

    Deri said the criticism was not an attack against the premier, but rather an issue of national concern. “I try not to raise personal criticism, but if, heaven forbid, this is true, it is no longer a personal matter – it is a symbol of the Jewish people.”

    The Shas leader went on to describe the great efforts being made to prevent assimilation, saying, “I have friends who invest tens of millions, hundreds of millions to fight assimilation throughout the world. If, heaven forbid, this is true, woe is us. I hope it is not true….”

    Other religious politicians came out against the reported relationship, including hardline Likud MK Moshe Feiglin and other members of Shas.

    The Israeli organization Lehava, which says it aims “to prevent assimilation in the Holy Land,” urged Netanyahu on its Facebook page “to prevent this relationship,” AFP reported.

    Whether these people can represent the majority of Jewish people is another matter, but Yonat never said they did. As a writer, I have come across many Jewish congregations in the US that advocate a similar teaching. It’s understandable; in Israel, however, such reactions are to be expected.

  • Loren Haas

    As is frequently the case, there is more to this story. Seems that the movie involves many folks involved with the defunct Vision Forum and its disgraced leader Doug Phillips. Mr. Phillips has issues with marital fidelity, amongst others. Mr. Phillips apparently had a role in the film until edited out after his misadventures were “exposed”. You can read more about these connections at: http://jensgems.wordpress.com/2014/01/22/alone-yet-not-alone-the-tangled-web-of-the-academy-nomination/
    and connections to the Dominionist movement here: http://jensgems.wordpress.com/2014/01/22/alone-yet-not-alone-the-tangled-web-of-the-academy-nomination/

  • “More than 90 percent of Irish primary schools are run by the Roman Catholic Church in cooperation with the government.”

    A perfect captive audience for indoctrination. Here’s a page from an old Irish Catholic school book.


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