Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly listings – January 31

Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly is a production of THIRTEEN for WNET. Visit for additional information.   Show #1722 will be fed over PBS at 5:00 p.m. EST on January 31 (check local listings). Living Wages in the Overseas Garment Industry – The world’s garment industry is so competitive, factory owners typically say they cannot afford to pay their workers anything above the usually pitiful third-world countries’ minimum wage.  But one successful American garment maker is conducting what could be an expensive experiment.  He is betting that if his customers know the Dominican Republic workers who make his sportswear are well paid, they will continue to buy his line, even if it ends up costing more.  Fred de Sam Lazaro reports from the Dominican Republic and the University of Notre Dame. Kentucky Nuns Versus the Bluegrass Pipeline – When an energy company wanted to build an underground pipeline through central Kentucky to help carry toxic by-products of fracking to the Gulf coast, an order of aging Catholic nuns, the Sisters of Loretto, fought back.  The nuns feared a pipeline accident could poison the land they have farmed for 200 years, so – as Judy Valente reports — the Sisters mounted a vigorous public campaign to divert it.  And they succeeded.

Quote of the Day: Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi

“Unfortunately, the article discredits itself by slipping into the usual mistake of superficial journalism: in order to highlight the positive aspects of Pope Francis, it throw’s Pope Benedict’s papacy into a bad light, and it does this with a shocking level of coarseness. A shame, really.” — The Rev. Federico Lombardi, the Vatican’s chief spokesman, on the Rolling Stone cover story about Pope Francis.

Barna Group & Zondervan Announce 10th Frame Author

Chris Travis, a New York-based writer and pastor, has been selected to write the 10th FRAME, the next entry in the new FRAMES series launched on January 7, 2014, by Barna Group research firm and Zondervan. Travis will address the epidemic of narcissism in Lovers of Themselves: The Rise of American Narcissism, in a minibook to be released later this year. The FRAMES platform addresses critical trends of the day in what will be an annual series combining softcover minibooks, ebooks, DVDs, infographics, digital and social elements, and live events. David Kinnaman, president of Barna Group, calls cultural analysis “the new apologetic.” He designed FRAMES to equip people to think differently about their lives in the midst of a digital-Babylon-like world. Each FRAME tackles a trend on which the church is called to speak prophetically, written by passionate, informed people who offer a fresh perspective.

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Churches Across the Nation Will Join Together on Friend Sunday, March 30, to Encourage Members to Reach Out and Invite their Friends to Church

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Jan. 29, 2014 — The first annual Friend Sunday is March 30, 2014, and marks a new initiative when churches join together and encourage their members to reach out and invite friends and family to a special service where friendship is honored and encouraged. The Friend Sunday movement hopes to reach every home in America with an invitation to a Bible-believing church and ultimately into a relationship with Jesus. Friend Sunday was launched in response to a survey of churches who participated in National Back To Church Sunday in 2013—over 90% of whom said they would be interested in participating in a spring event centered around members bringing a friend with them to church.

Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger’s time comes

Wherever there was an injustice to be fought, a war to be combated, a union drive to be supported, Pete Seeger was there, leading the Folk Song Army.


Kirk Cameron’s Highly Acclaimed UNSTOPPABLE Releases To DVD

Nashville, TN: -January 28, 2014 –During its two night theatrical event this past fall, UNSTOPPABLE: A Live Event with Kirk Cameron sold a staggering 260,000 tickets and reached a theatrical gross of over $3.2 million dollars.  On January 28, 2014, Provident Films will release UNSTOPPABLE  to DVD. UNSTOPPABLE is a joint production between Kirk Cameron and Liberty University. The event premiered with Cameron speaking live to audiences from Liberty University’s Vines Center.  This success sent a loud message to the entertainment industry– audiences want thought-provoking and meaningful entertainment.  On January 28, 2014, Provident Films will release UNSTOPPABLE to DVD.