• Anton

    I wonder if these findings have anything to do with people who practice serial monogamy loudly voicing their belief in the “sanctity of marriage”.

  • Sarduriur Sverresdatter

    To Tobin Grant:

    A few friends and I were discussing your article on facebook. We were stuck on “extramarital sex/affairs,” and what that specifically means relative to the data and changing social views on the subject. Does it simply refer to what we would classically refer to as “adultery?” Or does it also include simply engaging in sex while being unmarried, and/or infidelity between unmarried partners in committed relationships of whatever kind?

    Any clarification you can provide on the matter would be most appreciated.

  • Nina

    Huh. And I thought all those gay relationships were going to have a negative impact on heterosexual marriage, yet here we are with people placing a higher standard on it than before society was all pro-gay marriage. Go figure.

  • Frank

    Gay and marriage is a confliction of terms. Two gay people may make a commitment to each other but it will never be a marriage.

  • wray

    The sin of Sodomy is one of the 4 sins crying to heaven for vengeance, IN THIS LIFE!

  • taad

    Purpose of marriage is the mutual good of the spouses ( Meaning physical, psychological, and spiritual ) AND the begetting of children and education of them. Homosexual relations can not accomplish any of these. Not even the last one, because Ideally, children need both mother and father to be complete. Two males or two females can not give them what they need and is harmful. Men and women are different emotionally and in their psychology for a purpose. They are only complete with both, the two become one.

  • Earold Gunter

    taad, so a partnership between a man and woman that doesn’t lead to children is not a marriage? The two become one? What happens when they divorce? Do become halves? You say homosexual relationships can’t accomplish meaningful physical, and psychological relationships. Do you speak from experience or out of the orifice you fixate about?

    Religion is poison!!

  • J Mathews

    Would you say , that having married , will it be a good happy life for the husband and the wife other than produce a kid while in marriage. what happens after a few years into marriage the woman find the hubby not earning enough money to have a life style she wished to have. and also not give/take enough sex for the husband/wife and the wife turns as a feminist….. Who is to blame , is the faith to blame or the world today , by giving more freedom to the female counterpart.
    My conclusion about a religion is nothing different than any political party carrying out a propaganda and adding people in and keeping them collected so that a few can live of it…….

  • Atheist Max

    The Graphs say:

    The people who go to church more often are more prejudiced against gays.
    The people who go to church less often are more accepting.

    The morality of religion debunked, right there.

  • Denis

    Frank has to be right .

  • Larry

    Right, the sins of Sodom being that of showing open hostility to strangers in violation of all codes of hospitality.

    If you came away from the chapters on Sodom & Gomorrah that the sins being punished by God were homosexuality, you are illiterate.

  • Larry

    And families which adopt children or have children from prior relationships to marriage are not true marriages according to taad as well.

    You are right, there is no way to give the “procreation” argument for marriage without completely denigrating the institution for everyone. The people who are blabbering most about “protecting marriage” are the ones who are seeking to reduce it to something which is really crass and insulting.

  • El_Gato

    I don’t think it is prejudical to want the best for someone despite that person’s desires and wishes. Ted Bundy liked to kill those he had sex with. Is that okay?
    Where do we draw the line? “If you stand for nothing you will fall for everything.’

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