After standoff, NC high school approves secular club

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Kalei Wilson. Photo courtesy of Cash Atheos

Kalei Wilson. Photo courtesy of Cash Atheos

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(RNS) The Secular Student Alliance, a national organization for nonreligious college and high school students, announced Monday that lawyers for Pisgah High School in Canton, N.C., have said the school will permit a chapter of the group.

  • Earold Gunter

    As it should be.

    Religion is poison!!

  • Atheist Max

    More good news for freedom from the religious hegemony.

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  • jaakko

    Congratulations! Keep up the fight! Reason will prevail!

  • ed-words

    It’s the activist Christians who got the Equal Access Act passed.

    Equal means EQUAL. (The Lord works in mysterious ways.)

  • Atheist Max

    We couldn’t have secularism without the help of activist Christians?
    The millions of burned ‘witches’ will be happy to hear it.

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  • Shroom Duke

    Good for Kalei Wilson!

    We need more Americans like her!

    On one had christians say atheism is a religion and then they say NO you can’t have your atheist club, but they say they are fighting for “religious freedom” [expletive deleted]!

    If christians realy had the courage of their convictions they wouldn’t, couldn’t fear atheism! Supersticious liars, cowards and hypocrites!

  • HawkAtreides

    The millions of burned witches don’t exist (try maybe 50,000 executed, not all by burning – and none burned in Salem, just FYI – over a span of several centuries). Also, that whooshing sound you just heard is the point flying right over your heard. The point is that the Equal Access Act was originally pushed for by Christians for Christian activities, and that they’re whining and writhing and engaging in all kinds of Special Pleading when that same act is being used to provide any semblance of actual equality for organizations that aren’t Bible study groups. Or, in fewer words – suddenly the Dominionist activists don’t like the law they wanted when it’s not benefiting them.

  • Yo

    By the way, here is “Pastor Cash”:

    (That’s right. Sex offender.)

    And here is the summary of the 56-page report about the incident:

    “It is my opinion your allegations … are without merit and baseless,” Smathers
    wrote, stating he thought they arose from a “manufactured controversy” caused by
    a parent’s influence on his children and a desire for publicity and potential
    financial gain.