• I appreciate this response, Laura. I don’t understand snake handling but something about the coverage on Coots’s death has rubbed me the wrong way. People who handle snakes do it for a particular reason, one that is tied up in their understanding of faith and Christianity. Yes, they could get bitten but I don’t think we should mock them if and when that happens.

  • john Freer, M.D.

    “Thou shall no tempt the Lord thy God.”

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  • I disagree that they should not be mocked. This is a level of stupidity where you’re basically committing suicide and saying God made you do it. Coots even said that God told him Coots would die if he STOPPED handling poisonous snakes. That is insanity and should be called out for what it is. Just like the couple that keep NOT taking their kids to the doctor and then their kids die. They don’t deserve any special treatment because they think God told them to do it that way.

    So I’m not into mocking them to make myself feel better or just for a laugh, but rather to shine a light on such profound faith-based ignorance. That same snake handling Bible passage also recommends that if you have faith then you can drink poison with no ill effects. Just the smallest bit of critical thinking would tell you not to take this recommendation literally and that even though it’s in the Bible, it is WRONG. If and when Jesus comes back, one of the first things he’ll do is edit that out in his Second Edition of the New Testament (and deny ever having said it).

    Basically in telling their story factually, these people make a mockery of themselves.

  • Carla

    I “RESENT” all of this coverage of these people. They need to get off welfare, take care of their families and stop this nonsense. This community is rolling their eyes over these ” so called Christians” drawing welfare. Get a Job and get a Life!

  • buddy beets

    Ron White said it perfectly,”ya can’t fix stupid”

  • I feel very sorry for the people that practice this dangerous act for being so ignorant in their belief. You cannot take the bible literally. If you believe in snake handling why do you not handle the black mamba or a really dangerous snake? Have you tried jumping in front of a speeding tractor trailer and expecting God to save you?

  • Lee Beaman

    I proably could snatch hood ornaments off the moving Mack trucks on the nearby highway and call it some kind of faith, Godly inspiration, Jesus told me to do it .God loves me and wants good things for me.Many, many times he has saved me from self destruction. I know he’s there every day protecting me.I will not play games with his angels that work overtime to see i’m safe.
    He gave me a brain,,, I’m to use it wisely.

  • Lee Beaman

    Love it John, one of my favorites.

  • MIKE

    If one does not take the entire bible literally as the word of god, then there is no sense having a bible. And when the word of god is so demonstrably wrong, THERE IS NO SENSE HAVING A BIBLE.
    My main article of faith is that the world will be destroyed sooner rather than later by either muslims or christians.
    Grow up!

  • martha bond

    i thought that it was an understanding that if you were bitten and died, then you did not have enough faith and would not go to heaven.

  • Kygirl

    First of all he had a job working for a coal company and was laid off like every other person across Eastern Kentucky. I’m from Eastern Kentucky and there are hard working people throughout the communities. His beliefs were his beliefs. Nobody has the right to put down another persons religion. It was his choice to handle deadly snakes and he died doing something he whole heartily believed in. God is the only judge. By the way just because a person is from Kentucky it doesn’t automatically mean they are on welfare. I’m educated and I have a job.

  • Kendra

    As a christian, we are taught that the ENTIRE Bible is NOT meant to be taking literal. In the bible there are two different types of text. The words SPOKEN BY GOD, and the rest interpretive text. The scriptures that speak about taking up serpents are not literal words spoken by God. They are words that when studied possess a deeper meaning than what meets the eye.

    On another note, I do feel that these “believers” take the word for what they want to make it, rather than for what it is. And the evidence is in the people not carrying out the rest of the scripture that Michael Morris pointed out to us.

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