• Malcolm X did most of his writing when he was a member of Nation of Islam. I have met many people from Nation of Islam and they have lived by the code of being open, kind and educated. Malcolm X is one of my heroes because he wrote and spoke his truth and lived by his truth.

    I have written a few papers on Nation of Islam and spoke of Malcolm X not only as a Sunny Muslim but as a member of Nation of Islam. BTW I am “white” but do not have the White mentality.

  • David

    A problem with writing about Malcolm, and Islam in general, is that it is very rarely done with full attention paid to the ostensible subject. Especially in the West, it is always done with at least one eye (usually more) on the west, on Christianity, on America, on the people who, apparently, really matter. This article is a good example. Malcolm himself is a good example. His observations on Islam regarding race are not right; discrimination toward Africans in particular (including a brutal slave trade) and toward people of different races generally is present everywhere in the Islamic world and has apparently always been so. It is being fought against bravely by many Muslims and non-Muslims and denying it exists doesn’t help anyone. His statements need to be read in the context of who they were aimed at: non-Muslim Americans. Thus, we see that when he talks about Islam, he’s actually talking mostly about America. Similarly, when this article talks about Malcolm, it talks mostly about the west, by choosing the quotes that are not firstly about Malcolm, but about the west. Partly this is unavoidable. The society he lived in was his concern. But it also reflects to a depressing extent the way we cannot talk or think about Islam and people like Malcolm X on their own terms, and judge accordingly. Everything needs to be weighed with what we want to say about the West.

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