Pope Francis charges cardinals to oppose ‘any discrimination’

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Hundreds of bishops and cardinals look on at St. Peter's Basilica, as Pope Francis formally appoints 19 new cardinals on Feb. 22, 2014. RNS photo by David Gibson

Hundreds of bishops and cardinals look on at St. Peter's Basilica, as Pope Francis formally appoints 19 new cardinals on Feb. 22, 2014. RNS photo by David Gibson

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VATICAN CITY (RNS) Retired Pope Benedict XVI was also at the ceremony, his first public appearance since he resigned the papacy a year ago.

  • Atheist Max

    Who could disagree with someone on the world stage who speaks loudly against discrimination? Not me.

    But the Catholic doctrine against homosexuality must be disposed of.
    Otherwise his words are hollow. His continuing fight against contraception and women’s reproductive rights are another abomination. I understand the position against abortion – but contraception? and while we are at it – masturbation? Ridiculous.

  • Doc Anthony

    Don’t worry, Atheist Max. Pope Francis is already on your side when it comes to “disposing of the Catholic doctrine of homosexuality.” He’s just doing it on a de facto basis to minimize any opposition while he’s putting his people in power.

    You heard what Francis said — “ANY discrimination.” That was the magic code phrase right there, and every gay activist on this planet (if not the entire solar system) understood immediately what the Pope was signaling.

    Pope Francis isn’t going to re-write the Official Catechism. That would be too obvious a move. Instead, the Pope is clearly working to silence — no joke — to ** silence ** all Catholic opposition to legalized gay marriage and civil unions, particularly at the bishop level.

    He’s definitely out to silence the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (who have been the primary or near-primary source of opposition to America’s gay marriage movement), and Francis has already sent his man to the USCCB to politely tell them to shut up and find other topics.

    So yeah, Atheist Max, THIS new Pope, the gay-marriage Pope, is the Pope you’ve been waiting for. He’s the answer to your prayers (or whatever it is you do). He’s doing your bidding; he’s just doing it on a de facto basis.

  • Larry

    If you don’t like what the Pope is doing, don’t be Catholic. After a number of centuries the church is pretty clear on the subject. The Pope is the last word on any subject of policy. They make a big deal over that. Its called their infallibility doctrine.

    If those within the Church hierarchy don’t like what he is saying either they can break off and become Protestants or they can try to arrange another “retirement” in secret like they did for Pope Adolf.

  • Earold Gunter

    Larry there is one other option, they can simply choose to not follow that part. It seems to work for Christians when choosing what to follow in the bible, why not this?

    Religion poison the way humans think, forcing them to discard honesty to oneself, and adopt faith for explanations for things they know can’t possibly be true, so why not select those things that are easier for them to accept.

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  • Kat Liz

    I don’t know where you folks are getting the idea that Pope Francis wants to legalize gay marriage. If there is anything that the Catholic church has taught me in these 23 years of my life is to except everyone no matter what ethnicity,gender,religion, etc. The church has never condemned anyone from stepping inside a Catholic Church and not allowing them to accept God. I think he just wants to let homosexuals know that we don’t agree with their lifestyle, we still love them and they will always be loved by the Lord.

  • dan

    You do realize that the church teaches that men should not use contraception either. Also the church teaches there is a purpose to our bodies and “REPRODUCTIVE” organs, would you suggest that the church fights men’s reproductive right also?

  • dan

    What are things that are not true?

  • dan


  • Sounds like the pope is implementing what Philip Jenkins said long ago about the coming power shift in the Church away from the first world:


    Good for him!

  • Earold Gunter

    dan, The list could be quite extensive, but to wrap it up in a package, it is religious belief.

    All religious belief requires faith to believe. It is a poison which allows humans to be dishonest to themselves. It replaces the innate ability of humans to reason things out through the use of logic, with irrational compromise for the illogical. It is the worst kind of dishonesty; dishonesty to yourself.

    dan, All religion is poison to humans!

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  • Atheist Max

    Kat Liz,
    Suppose someone said to your Mother:

    “I hate the way you breath! The way you breath with deep breaths is disgusting and your sick desire to breath that way is also deeply disgusting. It is so revolting that you must not do it, you must not talk about it, and you must never share that part of yourself with me or anyone near me or near my friends.”

    “But I love you.”

    Homosexuality has been PROVEN to be a natural occurrence in people. It is NOT a choice. To criminalize homosexual love is disgraceful. Your callous, cruel and ignorant religion is a burden to this world. Not a help.

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  • Amanda

    the catholic doctrin does not need to be disposed of. Everything we say is strait from the bible which God gave us to be better people an to now what is a sin and what is not a sin.

  • Atheist Max

    This whole war on sexuality is typical of religion.

    The people who designed religion knew that men and women would always want sex and that they would insist on doing it from time to time. So how do you make sure that they are always in sin? Make it a sin to think sexual thoughts!

    Men and women – especially women – have learned to escape the slavery of religion by using contraception…. and it works great! There is nothing wrong with sex. And that is why men and women WILL DO IT regularly. Because it is a GOOD thing.

    Look at the way religion uses you to promote itself. Like a virus.
    It is so transparent!
    “Don’t have sex – or you need to repent!” This can’t be real. It can’t be.

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  • Baseballmomof8

    If you really desire to understand Catholic theology on sexuality then you would have to read John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, or another author who explains it. It is an excellent teaching on the Divine design regarding men and women.

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