• Trent

    “Your way is so offensive to some of us that we feel our own rights being trampled. Your existence as a free being makes us feel less free. So kiss your freedom goodbye.”

    Strawman agrugement. No one is advocating this position. The question is does a business that makes wedding cakes or a wedding photographer required to participate in an activity they may feel goes against their morals (homosexual wedding)? The description by the author is extreme and false, it would be better to deal with reality, then make strawman arguments. Who is attempting to be offensive?

  • Paul

    I agree with Trent. Ironically, the line he quotes from this piece applies more to people, like the author, who try to cast everyone who disagrees with their views as haters and bigots. Unfortunately, this tactic seems to be working all to well, for intimidation at least.

  • George Waite

    But the writer is “Progressive”, so he’s only doing it for your own good! His “prophetic ministry” can brook no denial-submit!