As Arizona debates LGBTQ rights, American Atheists prepares for CPAC

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speaking at CPAC 2011.

Newt Gingrich speaking at CPAC 2011. Photo by Mark Taylor, courtesy Flickr commons.

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Despite being disallowed from having a booth, American Atheists has pledged to attend CPAC, citing a desire to bring politically conservative atheists into their organization. Does this align with their pro-LGBTQ statements?

  • Atheist Max

    Nothing brings Atheists out of the closet
    like these infuriating, aggressive threats to our freedoms.

    Religion infects us. Religion divides. Religion starts fights.
    It infects our society with nonsense and unreason.

    If I had been inclined to quiet down, Arizona reminds me that our freedom is under direct threat thanks to the brain poison of religion. Absurdist nonsense.

  • Many conservative ideas could survive just fine without the baggage and dirty laundry of being saddled with bronze-age superstitions and an antiquated book that says we should literally kill people if they are gay, or witches, or if they work on the sabbath.

    Pro-superstition/religion groups have hijacked the conservative side of American politics.

    1/3 of Americans under age 30 have ZERO religious affiliation. If the GOP/conservative world ignores that HUGE demographic, soon they will NEVER again will a national election.

  • sensitive atheist

    religion has not contributed to the freedom of any society. It is only interested in shutting out the freedoms of each individual. Women are especially under threat.

  • sensitive atheist

    And yes, AMAX, religion is an infection. But we can be nice about treating the infected.

  • The Great God Pan

    Atheist conservatives are not much less ridiculous than gay conservatives. There’s a fundamental conflict there and they just aren’t getting it. They keep thinking they can reduce conservatism to the two issues of so-called “fiscal responsibility” and “small government,” but it’s the social issues that actually animate American conservatism.

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