• Thanks for covering the issue. Much of the time the idea of Christianity and horror are kept in isolation as allegedly incompatible. But the idea of “Christian horror” is still problematic in my view, but not for the reasons many Evangelicals would hold it at arms length. As I wrote in a previous blog post, “I wonder whether it is fair to consider Christian horror as horror. Surely they have the right to draw upon the genre for entertainment and as a source of moral tale-telling, but in producing it in this sanitized fashion they remove much of the power and subversiveness which makes horror such an excellent vehicle for not only frightening, but also for providing the fodder for cultural, social, and even religious reflection.

    “It would also seem that with Christian horror many conservative Christians want to have their horror cake and eat it too. Publishers Weekly noted that in general speculative fiction does not do well in this market due to its edginess and concerns over its ‘darkness.’ A common stereotype in this area is that horror is incompatible with proper Christianity, as is fantasy and science fiction much of the time, unless of course the authors are C. S. Lewis or J. R. R. Tolkien, but even then at times these authors or their artistic medium are viewed as suspect. How can horror and other aspects of the fantastic be eschewed by and large and yet also sanitized so as to be permissible in certain contexts?

    “For my part I think that Christians are missing out on something that can easily be connected to their faith. The Bible itself is filled with monsters like the Behemoth, and the Judeo-Christian creation stories frame the work of creation in response to the gods of chaos as Yahweh brings order out of disorder. The New Testament speaks of a great Dragon and includes stories of possession and exorcism, and of course the Book of Revelation has provided the imaginative fodder for a host of apocalyptic visions and stories.

    “Perhaps our world is indeed one of ‘gods and monsters.’ If this is the case then Christianity and horror are neither unmixable elements like oil and water, nor a brew which needs to be sanitized like beer without any alcohol in order to be enjoyed.”

  • Hello I am a Christian filmmaker and CEO/Founder of Christian movie making ministry called Extreme Christian Entertainment. We produce Christian movies that cover extreme and controversial issues while sharing Christ. So we will do Christian horror but we will not try to scare non believers into faith but share Christ through Christian characters by their faith.

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