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  • a

    If what im being asked to do violates my conscience yes i should have a right to refuse. However restaurants may not b the same bc u cannot judge whether someone is eating to much or too little. I would b in the stead of God, i mean unless someone comes in and order 2 tons of hamburgers and is visually obese, i feel i would definately havecsome responsibility my conscience and care for this brother would cause me to refrain. But yes we are required by law not to serve someone who is already intoxicated and posing a threat of harm to themselved. So Gods law mirrors mans law in this case. I believe ppl do not love our brothers practicing homosexuality, bc if you love someone you would not participate in their demise. Its not enough to say what others do doesnt matter or effect me. I have a moral obligation to tell you ‘no.’ What you want to do will harm you.

  • Rod

    I am glad Brewer vetoed SB1062 because I felt it did violate civil rights. However, same-sex marriage is an odd duck and not widely practiced throughout history, certainly not in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Civil unions might be OK, though.