• Winifred Holloway

    “If you find yourself in front of an atheist … and he tells you that he doesn’t believe in God, you can read him an entire library of books that say they prove that God exists, and you can even prove that God exists, and he will not have faith.” So obvious a statement and one that millions will recognize as true. Yet, for decades now, many, if not most, hierarchs have been suggesting that if they keep repeating tired, academic assertions of God’s presence in the world and if they come up with more and more of these assertions, albeit in a more appealing way, then of course! everyone would get it. Much like their fondness for natural law arguments. Keep pounding that same nail. Surely that will work if only they find the key to disseminating the “true message” as they see it. Forget about making convincing arguments. Just be a Christian and act like one. Really, any man or woman on the street could tell them that. The men in charge neither see nor hear. Especially hear.

  • tz

    Inconsistency..like valuing your life and being indifferent to the fate of 1,500,000 unborn each year? where does that line up relative to insufficient compensation for the richest country in the history of the world? the guy without holding wages in the bible story would be estatic to live on welfare in modern day american

  • Idiot says stupid thing and another idiot support. And they call it proven.