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  • Your mission: In depth coverage of religion and spirituality?
    Really? I missed it.
    “Well-intentioned ‘Son of God” doesn’t go too deep”….:
    A scholarly analysis?

  • Larry

    Pale skinned Mary being the mother of olive skinned swarthy washboard abs surfer Jesus probably stretches the plausibility more than the walking on water or water into wine stuff. 🙂

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  • Atheist Max

    These religious movies are such a HUGE gift to Atheists.

    They are so transparently untrue and implausible – and so clearly a con job.
    It only increases the number of people who say, “This stuff is unbelievable.”

    And that is all it takes to be an Atheist. You get to the point – this stuff is just not believable anymore.

  • @Atheist Max, what I do not comprehend issues is if you are atheist and could care less about religion and spirituality, why pray tell do you–as so many other atheists–lurk on comment boards about faith based topics? Could it be that–just as Christians–your belief system calls for you to prostelize its dogma and doctrine? One could surmise that yours is not free thought but unquestioning adherence to the gospels of your faiths prophets. Why not go in peace and find a sounding board comensurate with your beliefs, or lack thereof.

  • ChildofGod

    This movie was amazing and filled with wisdom that only the Holy Spirit can reveal. And there was a mistake in this article (not counting all of the bad judgments given): the voice over at the beginning and end were from John, Jesus’ disciple, while he was in exile on the island of Patmos, not Peter. He clearly tells his name at the beginning and starts with the first verses of the Book of John. And then at the end, Jesus appears to him as in Revelation, to tell him of the things to come. Someone making a mistake such as that, even though to some it is an easy mistake to make, should make you question just how well they paid attention to the movie and if they were really trying to get a real message from it. Instead of picking the movie and it’s actors apart, why not take advantage of the fact that there is an awesome movie celebrating Jesus Christ in theaters? This world is terribly corrupt and yet there are people going to see this movie! When reading any type of review from a movie that has been anointed by God, the wise thing to do would be to question the intentions that the reviewer has and if they even gave the movie a chance in their own mind. And for the record, I don’t care what anybody thinks and how many atheists get angry from this comment. I refuse to argue or debate with anyone, because I KNOW Who I serve and He saved me from a life of sin and changed me from the inside out. No atheist or any other person without a relationship with Jesus could honestly say they have been transformed on the inside by their own power or by going to psychologists and psychiatrists who are just as lost and blind as they are. The only One who can make you complete and whole is your Creator, and that is Jesus Christ. For the Message of the Cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved, it is the power of God. 1 Corinthians 1:18

  • Khris Calderon

    A PG-13 in this movie makes me sick and disgusted
    The MPAA are Sack full of lying Weasles

  • Tania

    This is definatley the greatest story ever told!! thank God there are some actors
    still left in this world who want to tell the story. Diogo Morgado the actor that
    played Jesus did a good job. There is only one Son of God. He is the
    Messiagh. He is the way , The truth and the life. He is Jesus Christ.
    I feel really sorry for all the people that make the bad comments, and
    who are atheists. One day when they are dying or in real trouble
    they will lift there hearts finally and cry out to Jesus.

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  • Rene