Five Tips for Talking to Kids about the Story of Jesus

As Son of God hits theaters this weekend, many parents will struggle with how to explain the more difficult aspects of Jesus’ life—such as the virgin birth and the crucifixion—to their children. Fortunately, American Bible Society’s Children’s Ministry Senior Advisor Margi McCombs is offering tips to help parents navigate the complicated conversations. “The Bible is the grand narrative of God’s love for and pursuit of humankind,” said McCombs. “But parts of that narrative are hard to understand and even emotionally gut-wrenching. It’s important that parents help their children experience the story of the Bible in general, and of Jesus in particular, in a positive way.”

A woman smoking marijuana.

Up ahead? Massive social change, experts say

(RNS) Experts say societal changes will accelerate on issues such as same-sex marriage, interracial marriage, legalization of marijuana and childbearing among the unwed. One reason? Younger people are more liberal and less conventional.