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  • Jon Trouten

    Regnerus determined that kids do badly when raised by gay couples by studying kids who WERE NOT actually raised by gay couples. At least, only a couple were actually raised by lesbian moms.

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  • Doc Anthony

    Christians should not be relying on Republicans (and ESPECIALLY not relying on any Democrats at all!!) for any support regarding either religious freedom or marriage.

    The new religion is the Gay Marriage Cult, and both parties want to guzzle their Kool-Aid in return for votes. Many churches and clergy are already spiritualy dead or dying because they wanted a good swig as well.

    Christians, it’s time to stop swilling the Kool-Aid, and FIGHT BACK already!

  • Jon Trouten

    Nobody’s freedoms are harmed by my marriage or by others like it.

  • Atheist Max

    @Doc Anthony,

    You sound like a control freak thrashing around because nobody is paying attention to your invisible friend.

    Frightened, homophobic, forceful, neurotic, divisive, wish-thinking, power hungry, bullying – that is Christianity and Islam. What poison!
    Yet, you can’t demonstrate that your invisible God cares one way or the other. You manifest His rage ON HIS BEHALF all in your own mind!

    And you have the nerve to call Atheists ‘militant’.
    For shame.

  • Larry

    I agree. By all means. You want to walk out that door, don’t let me stop you. Form your little “ideologically pure” religious and political groups.

    There is nothing I would love more than the Christian fundamentalists to finally alienate themselves from mainstream politics and religion once and for all.

  • Larry

    Actually the study showed that kids raised in straight marriages where one parent was in the closet caused tension and distress. A parent is constantly lying and repressing themselves in public and to their family causing tension, quel surprise!

    If anything the upside is was to say that being closeted was harmful. Of course that was not the result Regnerus’s paymasters wanted or the one he claims in public. The fact that Regnerus uses his (academically lambasted) study as an expert witness against marriage equality shows what kind of dishonest piece of garbage he is.

  • Jim McCrea

    Drive-in churches are nothing new. That’s how Robert Schuller got his start in Garden Grove, CA, in 1955 long before he built the Crystal Cathedral. They, too, had communion delivered to your car … this WAS Southern California, after all!

  • Jon Trouten

    I was reading live-tweets of Regnerus’ testimony in Michigan. He interviewed hundreds of people. I think it was 1500 total. *Two* of them were raised by gay households their entire lives, instead of being raised by a parent and gay partner for a year or so or whose parent dated a same sex partner but never actually parented them. Those two people were actually doing well, according to Regnerus. But it’s easier for him to see them as anomalies and to generalize about struggles that other kids were going through.

    The thing I found reinforced from Regnerus is that kids struggle when their parents struggle with divorce and other major stressors.

  • Jon Trouten

    Interestingly, Regnerus isn’t advocating against step families, despite instability from those types of families based on his research results. He’s also not advocating against foster care or adoption, even though those kids aren’t with their birth families.

    Regnerus and his funders want to eliminate marital and parenting rights for gay couples because our families don’t meet the gold standards of intact lifelong heterosexual families. But he came to that conclusion from researching the kids of parents who broke up their formerly intact heterosexual families and then generalized those results to intact lifelong homosexual families (despite the results from the two gay intact lifelong homosexual families that he actually studied and who actually did well!).

  • Larry

    Most importantly his study would never pass admissibility muster under standards as the work of an expert witness.

    Scientific studies have to be vetted on the basis of reliability of methods employed. Acceptance by peer review and academic gatekeepers is the primary way of determining this. The study was retracted based on faulty methodology.