• Patricia

    And as for Gay Days, that is not even a Disney sanctioned event. Disney welcomes the gay community during that time (and the rest of the year) but it is not something like their Food and Wine Festival that is put on by the DIsney Corp. I have to wonder how hard people have to look to find their ammo.

  • Seth

    I will say that the pastor that made comment is not Christian, he is Mormon. I am a very strong Christian and very into Disney. The majority of my friends are actually gay because of my involvement at the parks. My church groups actually have never thought this of Frozen. In fact we have drawn Christian comparisons. Such a bummer that pastor made those stupid thoughts public. We cannot judge, we must love. Thank you for the article 🙂

  • Absolutely spot on, Laura. What’s amazing to me is when people critique a movie they’ve not seen. What? if someone critiqued, I don’t know, the Bible, and then admitted they’d never read it, Christian conservatives would be like–well, read it before you criticize, right? But they’ll criticize a movie they haven’t watched? And make such wild claims? Ridiculous! Great review.

  • JB Richards


    I saw “Frozen”! And I thought it was a thoroughly charming
    movie that taught lessons about keeping family ties strong and discovering loyalty in new-found friendships. I didn’t see anything even remotely suggestive of a) “homosexual behavior–which in my book is most definitely NOT a “deviant behavior”–or b)”bestiality”.

    Bestiality?! Really?!

    When certain people start pointing the finger at children’s animated films like “Frozen”, and saying there is an underlying theme that will promote–what THEY consider to be a “sinful lifestyle”–which it’s not–they should take a good hard look in the mirror. Look, if thoughts of “bestiality” are going through your mind while watching this movie, then YOU’RE the one with the problem, Buddy, not Disney.

    I hereby conclude my rant.

    I’d like to know what YOU think about this issue. As always, your comments are appreciated and validated!
    JB Richards
    Author of “Miriamne the Magdala”- The first chapter in the “Yeshua and Miri Novel Series” and Content Creator for The Miriamne Page

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  • Larry

    A Disney just comes out on Blu-Ray and some useless excuse for dead air feels the need to chime in and get a little publicity on its coattails.

    Useless parasite.

  • Tim W Callaway

    Bummer! Just when I’ve stopped having nightmares over seeing the word “sex” in the smoke signals of The Lion King, I have to face this trauma!?

  • Malanee

    So Kevin Swanson, an OPC church elder, leader in the homeschooling/family integrated church movement is a closet Mormon?

    Who’d a thunk it!

  • Chris Vogel

    As usual, we find out more about the preachers than the audience. Swanson and Vaughn clearly want to be Somebody, no matter what. That they accuse others of indoctrination is not surprising, since that is what they strive, always, to do themselves. Not seeing the movie is also predictable; probably they pride themselves on not knowing anything about the other things they denounce, either. And those are the shortcomings they share, proudly, with all religious conservatives: malice, arrogance, vanity, and wilful ignorance.

  • Re: “The question I really want to ask is why some people are so eager to read a “gay agenda” into a film they have never seen, and into a company whose movies are widely regarded as some of the best, most kid-friendly films of our age.”

    I can answer that in just one word: Immaturity. That, really, is what all of this boils down to.

    You have a lot of very childish people who are now faced with something … in this case, gays … that they personally find objectionable. But their ability to go after them directly is limited (mainly by the law). This leaves them stewing in their own juices over the existence of gays. This causes them to invent notions like “the gay agenda” and insist that being gay is a “lifestyle” and not just how some people are. That, in turn, causes them to look around at the world around them, and view everything as, potentially, facades behind which those vile, insidious, wicked gays are operating.

    This is, at least, what’s going on within the mass of evangelical Christendom. Individuals like Swanson & Vaughn might not actually be thinking this way, themselves, but they’re aware of this sentiment within their audience, and are using their attack on “Frozen” to whip that audience into a frenzy and maintain their loyalty.

    In any event, without the immaturity inherent in fundamentalist Christianity (and, indeed, in any and all forms of religious fundamentalism, no matter the faith tradition within which it arises), you wouldn’t be seeing any of this sort of thing. Religious fundamentalism grants people what they perceive as a license never to grow up, act like adults, and treat others with respect. They get to remain little children, right into their old age, stamping and fuming and throwing tantrums about all sorts of stuff that bothers them … because, after all, their deity told them to be sanctimoniously enraged about it.

    Or so they think.

  • Avery

    That was very eloquent and insightful. I really do not yet understand those who exercise such hateful criticism, such xenophobia, in the name of their religion, regardless of the core values of love and acceptance its majority embraces. I think this is an excellent article overall.