Do your kids need more opportunities to be BORED?

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"Bored." Photo courtesy John Morgan via Flickr Creative Commons.

"Bored." Photo courtesy John Morgan via Flickr Creative Commons.

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Middle-class parents today engage in a lot of "concerted cultivation" of their kids in the fear that they'll be left behind their peers. But what if kids actually need a little more time to be bored?

  • I second this heartily. An overscheduled childhood may also be one reason that today’s employers complain that young people entering the work force are helpless unless given step-by-step instructions for everything. Long live boredom! Long live free time!

  • I wonder if all the effort that parents expend in attempting to insure their children’s broad-based development eliminates an essential communication. I say to my children that when it comes right down to it, you, not me, are responsible for your contentment and happiness. No one else!