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  • Thank you Kimberly. I would love to heat any comments you may have on my colum today. “Fred Phelps is Dead. Now What?”

  • Larry

    There is the old Bette Davis line (upon the passing of Joan Crawford) being paraphrased:

    I was told to always speak good of the dead. Fred Phelps is dead. Good.

  • Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    There are a lot of people who have been, rightly, revolted and disgusted at Phelps’ spewing of hatred. The trouble now is that many people are greeting his death by spewing even more hatred.

  • Atheist Max

    “I did not attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of It” – Mark Twain

  • Atheist Max

    Why not judge the House of Fred Phelps?
    Jesus directs us to judge:

    “…If the house is unworthy, remove your blessings of peace” – Jesus (Matthew 10:13)

  • Larry

    Its funny, you are never hesitant to judge others. Oh I see, he is Christian. So now you have to ask people to reserve the judgment that he never reserved for others. Forgiveness and grace is always for other people.

    Frankly there has never been much difference between your stance and Phelps’s. Only the choice of words. You never had a problem with the hate he spewed before. You certainly never spoke out against it.

    A hateful life invites a hateful response in death. It is not for you to criticize the life he made for himself and the effect his hatred produced. People must account for their actions. To forgive someone flaunting his sins so much in his life, would be irresponsible according to your version of Christianity. So Phelps is no exception. So shall you reap, so shall you sow.

  • Frank

    There is very little in Fred Phelps behavior that looked like Jesus. I give him the benefit of the doubt that somewhere, somehow he sometimes looked like Christ. I pray for his soul.

    Its hard to pull a positive out of his life but at least one of them is that we know what a fundamental, legalistic, pharisaical person actually looks like.

  • Larry

    Except you agreed with everything he said and had a habit of repeating the same nonsense.

    Its funny how the fundamentalists don’t even wait for his body to get cold before they start their revisionist post-facto disavowal. I guess when you consistently lie for the lord, what is another one added to the pile.

  • George Vreeland Hill

    Fred Phelps inflicted a lot of pain on America.
    His church was a hate group and it is hard to believe that they were allowed to do what they did.
    Their beliefs are not in the Bible.
    Phelps took verses and made them fit his messages.
    He was simply a hateful con artist.
    Good riddance.

    George Vreeland Hill