• Larry

    Time to throw a party.

    If you are a supporter of WBC, think of it as a wake, mourning his passing.

    If you are not, think of it as celebrating that the world is a better place without his presence.

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  • CarrotCakeMan

    A party is fine, but I hope no Americans try to disrupt his funeral the way he tried to disrupt so many Americans’ funerals. Americans shouldn’t stoop to the level of anti-gays.

  • Larry


    “Fred Phelps died, and the best thing we can do is picket his funeral with pies, cupcakes, and GOD LOVES EVERYBODY signs.

    — Chris Coletta (@chris_coletta) March 20, 2014”

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  • The Great God Pan

    I prefer the Westboro Baptist Church’s old-school, straightforward hatred to the carefully parsed, Slate Pitch-y “non-homophobia homophobia” practiced by the younger generation of Christian homophobes (Brandon Ambrosino, Damon Linker, Ross Douthat, Conor Friedersdorf, et al).

    With Phelps, what you saw was what you got. These Millennial ‘phobes are tricky and deceitful.

  • Frank

    There is very little in Fred Phelps behavior that looked like Jesus. I give him the benefit of the doubt that somewhere, somehow he sometimes looked like Christ. I pray for his soul.

    Its hard to pull a positive out of his life but at least one of them is that we know what a fundamental, legalistic, pharisaical person actually looks like.

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  • Orlandus

    Hey, don’t go tarnishing the good name of the Pharisees like that!

    (Among their other accomplishments, they gave us Rabbinical Judaism, from which almost all branches of present-day Judaism, from ultra-orthodox to humanist, ultimately descend.)