Is heaven polygamous?

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SurveyWill there be polygamy in the celestial kingdom? Do men and women in this life have equal access to sealing blessings and cancellations?

Poet, playwright and activist Carol Lynn Pearson is conducting a wide survey about these and other questions, which is open to all present and past Latter-day Saints. I told her I would pass on the news about this survey, which is live until the end of March.


Carol Lynn Pearson ( is sponsoring a survey to gather information on beliefs and opinions of Mormons and former Mormons, male and female, on this important subject.

Please take the survey at and please pass this request on to your friends and contacts.

The survey closes on March 31, 2014.

  • Duck

    I am curious why Ms. Pearson is even taking this survey- just because she is “curious”? Does she think that with her “pull”, she can collect the data then pass it on to Salt Lake City, to see if they will “change” doctrine? During my whole life, I have never heard that when a widow remarries and has children with her second husband that the children are sealed to the first husband and not the second. What, or whom, is the origin of that statement?

    Thank you. Happy day, Duck