Mormon leader Uchtdorf translated to heaven; begins to glow

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Pres. Dieter Uchtdorf addressed the LDS General Conference in 2013.

Pres. Dieter Uchtdorf addressed the LDS General Conference in 2013.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced this morning that Dieter F. Uchtdorf, the Second Counselor in the LDS First Presidency, has been translated to heaven.

“He was simply too good for this world,” said a church spokesman about the wildly popular Mormon apostle.

In LDS teachings, a translated being is someone who is taken up to heaven without first enduring the inconvenience of human death. In this new state, Uchtdorf joins several scriptural figures who were translated, including Enoch, Moses, and the Three Nephites.

The church reports that it has reached a special arrangement with the heavenly host whereby Uchtdorf will still be able to address the faithful this weekend at the church’s worldwide General Conference. Technicians are hard at work even now at perfecting the Terrestrial Satellite System that will permit Uchtdorf to appear on the live program despite some reported technical problems.

“His skin is now glowing in the dark,” admitted one videographer who wished to remain anonymous. He had to be taken to the hospital for temporary blindness after witnessing President Uchtdorf’s holy glory through the lens of the camera. “I think it will all be fixed by Saturday, though,” he hastened to add.

At this point it is unclear what impact, if any, President Uchtdorf’s translation will have on the day-to-day running of the LDS Church. Some feel that operations will continue much as they have been.

“Translated beings have a history of returning to earth regularly to help those who need it most,” said a woman from Sandy, Utah. “I mean, look at the Three Nephites. One of them helped me when my car broke down just last month. So I think President Uchtdorf will stick around since we all need him exactly where he is.”

  • Marion Fuat Sæternes

    It was waiting to happen! 😀

  • Yes, many Uchtdorf-watchers will not be surprised by today’s news.

  • Sabra

    Ha, ha, ha :0)

  • Libby

    I don’t get you. I suppose you are making fun of him but you should have ended on a different note. I wanted it to be funny but it wasn’t.

  • Dave P.

    The sad thing is that so many Mormons will not realize this is an April Fool’s Day joke and take it wholly seriously.

  • kitty shrout

    too good……I assume some people will not have a sense of humor…

  • Ron T


  • This Libby finds it very funny indeed!

  • Jana isn’t making fun of President Uchtdorf. This is all in fun. Everyone loves the Silver Fox.

  • Kadin Mercer

    I knew from the title that this was not real, that it was a made up story.

  • Becky Linford

    Love the Dieter as far as he has been translated correctly. And can he usher some of his brethren up there for a more permanent celestial calling?

  • David G

    Clearly, you don’t know very many Mormons, or if you do, you don’t know them well. We’re not as dumb as we look, but I invite you to join with us in having a sense of humor.

  • Rosano Apolinário da Silva

    He had to choose between the hell ( Utah ) and the heavens and he is back to Germany!!!!!

  • Mark Koltko-Rivera

    I’m not too worried about LDS believing this. (Hoping, yes, but believing it, no.) The sad thing is that there is a substantial portion of the anti-LDS world that will believe any strange thing about the Saints, and they may actually take this as true.

  • I have had a couple of non-LDS people — very smart people! — tell me they initially believed it. One said that our other Mormon beliefs were just outlandish enough that this didn’t really sound that far-fetched. 🙂

  • Absolutely. He is my favorite GA. He just deserves more than this world is able to give him.

  • I love this, Jana!

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  • Robert Davis

    Perhaps he will be making the long awaited announcement that it’s time for us to wend our way back to Missouri. The end is near, isn’t it?