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  • DCN

    If Father enjoys singing, he should do it at an open-mike in a pub, NOT behind the altar. And though this Leonard Cohen is a beautiful song, I am sure it is not recommended for the Rite of Marriage.

    Wake up Father, this is not YOUR show !

  • I bit more context on this story would be nice. Are the bride and groom good friends of Father Chris? Maybe one of them is related? This would definitely justify this special treatment. However I have to agree with DCN, behind the altar is not the proper place for performances of secular songs (Even if the lyrics have been changed). Perhaps the ambo was better???
    Beautiful church by the way.

    “Viva Cristo Rey!!”

  • Brother Michael J Phillips

    give me a break…..it was beautiful thank you Father.

  • Pamela

    I think it is horrible that anyone would criticize such a special touch to a special day. Comparing it to a bar room. All of you are little stuffed shirt. I think it was wonderful, kind and thoughtfull and should be rejoiced for being that way. Take a break you idiots. BTW – who are you to judge so harshly.

  • Esther pauls

    It was fantastic! The priest has a great talent and he used it for a great occasion

  • DCN

    Just an observation, NOT a judgement. Only God can judge.

    I think it is time for people to understand what “to judge” means in a Christian sense.

  • bill

    I’m sure God cried, just like I did! That was AMAZING. He gave that couple a memory that they will never forget! Though it’s not an ancient religious song, it is most certainly song at thousands of weddings every year; & I really don’t think God will care that it was sung by a priest instead of by some “wedding singer.” God bless you Father; oh ya, it looks like he already did!!