• David Lloyd-Jones

    I strongly object to your “Brandeis University reneged on the honorary degree it was going to bestow on Muslim basher Ayaan Hirsi Ali.” Ms Ali is a Facebook or Twitter “friend” of mine, and I have chatted enjoyably with her about her excellent gutsy books. I can say confidently that she considers herself a Moslem in good standing — though obviously a flamboyantly 21st century one.

    She doesn’t bash “Moslems.” She bashes a wide variety of reactionary to medieval male “leaders” of various Moslem, Arab, and Middle Eastern power structures — and I think most readers of Religion News would agree the suckers have it coming to them.


  • John McGrath

    If I had to do it all over again I’d go to Divinity Schoool and start a religion called Shoutarianism. People love making noise and commenting in capital letters. I envy those Pastafarians, they’re on to something.

  • Roy Fuller

    Hirsi Ali has said that she is a Muslim, and that she is not a Muslim. Her mistake is to generalize her awful experiences at the hands of people whose interpretations of Islam denigrates women, into claims that the Islamic religion, as a rule, promotes treatment such as she suffered.

  • Garson Abuita

    Antiquity is generally agreed to have ended in 476 CE with the downfall of the Western Roman Empire. So to call a gospel that was written sometime between 300 and 799 CE “ancient” is pretty misleading. You’d think an “ace religion reporter” would know something like that. Of course, one might argue that the NY Times was champing at the bit to declare the Gospel of Jesus’s Wife “real” because it would contradict orthodoxy, but that couldn’t be..

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  • Samuel

    I love these roundups. The Department of Weird Religion is hysterical. Keep it up!