Shootings at Kansas Jewish Community Centers: a case of domestic terrorism

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Glen Miller organized "White Power" March in NC

from Glen Miller White supremacist website

Glen Miller organized "White Power" March in NC

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Call the Kansas City Jewish Community Center attack what it is. This is a hate crime. This is politically motivated, domestic terrorism. If this is not terrorism, then indeed the term terrorism has no meaning.

  • Larry

    Two of the names have been disclosed:

    One of them was William Lewis Corporon, a Johnson County doctor. The other, Reat Griffin Underwood, was Corporon’s 14-year-old grandson, who died later at Overland Park Regional Medical Center.

  • May their memory be blessed.

  • Yaqin
  • Anton

    Omid, you make an interesting argument why Frazier Glenn Cross should be charged as a terrorist. It’s important to understand that the violence was deliberately perpetrated on civilian noncombatant victims, and therefore, given his political viewpoints, coupled with his previous association with the KKK and the White Patriot Party, he’s clearly a fanatical, right wing extremist.

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  • Youssef El Ashmawi

    Yes. He’s clearly a fanatical, right wing, extremist terrorist. Is it that difficult to say?

  • Yaqin

    don’t see the word terrorism here either? nor terror charges, must be a KVC thing?

  • Youssef El Ashmawi

    Yes, the highway shootings might be classed as terrorism. It depends on the motive of the shooter. The Jewish community center shooting was clearly terrorism because of the political motive of the shooter. So far we do not know the highway shooter’s motivation.

  • Yaqin

    True, those charges may come. For both of them. I guess my poorly made point is that terror charges don’t always come right off the bat in any situation. The muslim guy in Conneticut who was arrested on immigration charges hasn’t been charged with terror charges either, even though an undercover fbi agent is reported to have him on tape saying he wanted to use drones to bomb things.

  • Youssef El Ashmawi

    Yaqin, why do you keep trying to change the subject? I think you and Anton are only proving Dr. Safi’s point. You bring up someone SAYING that he would like to do something. You bring up another person whose most likely motivation for his actions was road rage. Why? Because the former is Muslim and the latter’s name is Muhammad. Yet plenty of non Muslims make threats and there have been numerous road rage incidents that have turned violent. None of these people are charged with terrorism nor is there any public clamor that they should be. But when presented with a man who gunned down three people because he thought they were Jewish and literally shouted out his political motivation as he was being arrested, you find it incredibly difficult to label his attack as terrorism. WHY?