• John McGrath

    There could be something to the devious baby plan to prevent the birth of another sibling. I was the last of five, my mother could not have any more kids, and I was never cranky, always cheerful and playfu, even when alone, and did not cry at night. This was not the case with the four sibs ahead of me. I must have known no more babies could come along interfere with my monopoly..

  • John McGrath

    I like the CofE Canon’s replies – snappy but not sarcastic or snarky. Sounds like a good priest, not the usual nasty or boring sort.

  • John McGrath

    ABC Welby is being called Justin the Unsteady. I call him Justin the Oil Man. His rise to his current position was mighty fast, which makes me suspicious about who his backers were.

  • Larry

    Odinism sounds like a way to disassociate rabid racists from traditionally Christian roots. To ignore things like the “Christian Identity Movement” the spiritual arm of white supremacy.

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  • Is Odinism connected to the “Thor” movement in the U.S. military? I followed the links and got totally confused. Pagans have more denominations than Protestants!

  • Cynthia Astle

    Hate to be a noodge on Passover, but isn’t the plural of vortex really “vortices” and not “vortexes.” OED minds want to know …

  • Heathen Holiday

    Frazier Glenn Miller was a Christian, not an Odinist. Have no idea why the powers that be are attacking the Odinists, other than the fact that a lot of them are racist and they need the Christians and Jews to work together.

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  • It amazes me that you have the nerve to talk about what is CLEARLY a Jewish false flag, in which, OF COURSE, whites are killed but Jews are “persecuted” and insult and demonize the native European religion at the same time. You are an ignorant, anti-white racist at best, a collaborator or Jewish supremacist at worst. Funny you have never called a Jew a supremacist. Have you ever read the Talmud? No one but idiots are fooled by their lies and hatred against all other races. http://freyjahof.blogspot.com/2012/08/quotes-from-holy-talmudwhy-hell-would.html

  • No, it is not. It is our ancient European religion which has gone back tens of thousands of years earlier than the recent Judeo-Christian cults. There are real European Pagans, Odinists, and there are universalist Pagans, who are modernistic Christianized Pagans who embrace cultural Marxism, unlike Odinists. We have nothing whatsoever to do with Wicca or other New Age movements, that embrace Semitocentric points of view such as universalism. We are tribal, like Shinto, and for that matter, Judaism. One really wonders why the ignorant anti-white racist who wrote this article equates us, and not Jews, with racial hatred, Jewish hatred is extreme in the Talmud, far more so than any other race. Going to do an article on Jewish supremacism, Eckstrom? I doubt it.. “Hypocrisy” does not even begin to cover it. http://freyjahof.blogspot.com/2012/08/quotes-from-holy-talmudwhy-hell-would.html

  • Odinism is the ancestral tribal religion and you are nothing more than a hate filled anti-European racist.