• Mike

    Somewhere Arsenio Hall is reading this and thinking “wait a minute, white girl….”

  • What a great post Thanks for this perspective. We’re Colbert fans too and wonder how his new program will incorporate his “character.”

  • Hannah

    Plus it is important to remember that Stephen Colbert is experienced in liturgical dance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oASYa-Wkroc

  • Jimmy the Greek

    The right wing’s argument that they are endorsing a boycott of “Late Night with Stephen Colbert” because they are offended by his partisan politics is ridiculous. People need to learn how to distinguish the difference between actors and their characters. No serious person believes that Charlton Heston is Moses, that Bo Derek actually engaged in an awkward affair with Dudley Moore, or that Clint Eastwood used to have a pet orangutan named Clyde. – Jimmy the Greek

  • I love Stephen Colbert. I will miss “The Colbert Report,” but I hope he does well on his new show and keeps the laughs coming.

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