The culture war is so last century

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Removal of liquor during prohibition

Vintage periods via WikiCommons

Removal of liquor during prohibition


Today’s culture war is nothing new. The battles over marriage and sexuality may cover new terrain, but the culture war has been fought throughout much of American history.

Removal of liquor during prohibition

Removal of liquor during prohibition

In this Research on Religion podcast, Tony Gill interviews Baylor University’s Barry Hankins whose book Jesus & Gin details the culture war battles of the 1920s when temperance and prohibition were the hot-button issues. Hankins paints a picture of the 1920s culture war that mirrors those of today, including media savvy preachers who too often were felled by scandal, attempts to protect tradition in the face of major demographic changes, divisions within Protestant denominations, and the consequences (good and ill) of marrying politics with religion.

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