Abominable idolatry * Pope Mensch * Bible 101 : Friday’s Roundup

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Stained glass window of Pope John Paul II.

Photo courtesy of Dennis Jarvis via Flickr

Stained glass window of Pope John Paul II.

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(RNS) Rome gets ready for the double-barrel canonizations on Sunday, a Republican candidate in South Carolina steps in it and a nice Jewish boy goes horribly wrong. All that and more in today's Roundup.

  • Ralph Hythloday

    “File under: Tired of all this saints stuff yet?”

    File under: Intolerance towards Catholics

  • yes i admit intolerance of those who actively treat me as less than human due to their pagan interpretations of an ancient superhero comic book of campfire myths.

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  • Magnus Elric-William

    Don’t like reading news about Saints, simple solution, don’t troll religious news sites…

  • justmark

    That’s a pretty broad brush you’re wielding there, jj…

  • john

    Exactly, I mean what’s the point? Are you so miserable you want to pick a fight at every opportunity?

  • Perry Bulwer

    re: “Canadian lawyers voted not to accredit a proposed law school at Trinity Western University, in part because the school’s conduct code prohibits sex outside of (man-woman) marriage.”

    Actually, that vote was only by Benchers of the Ontario Law Society, and what they voted on was not to accredit any student receiving a law degree from TWU, if it is allowed to create a law program, which means they would be unable to practice law in Ontario. They weren’t voting on the law program itself.

    That Christian university is in B.C., where the Law Society Benchers there recently voted to approve the proposed Christian law school. Then, just a few days ago, a B.C. lawyer forced the BC Law Society to hold a special meeting to revisit the result of the Benchers vote. Thousands of BC lawyers signed the petition to hold that special meeting. So, the issue of whether or not TWU will actually get to create a law school, and if it does, whether other Provincial Law Societies will follow the Ontario lead and refuse to accredit anyone receiving a law degree from TWU, remains an open question.

    At the heart of this dispute is that TWU’s Community Charter prohibits certain behaviours by students, such as extra-marital sex or same-sex, but those prohibitions violate the Canadian Constitution’s Charter of Rights.

  • Perry Bulwer


    “Nova Scotia’s bar society has voted to conditionally approve Trinity Western University’s proposed new law school a day after barristers in Ontario ruled not to accredit the faith-based institution.”

    “The conditional acceptance means that the Nova Scotia’s Barristers Society will only accept articling students from the school if it changes the covenant for law students or allows them to opt out.”


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