Report: Pope Paul VI to be beatified after California ‘miracle’

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(1978) Pope Paul VI, died at 9:40 p.m. on Aug. 6 at the age of 80, after suffering a heart attack in his summer residence at Castel-gandolfo, Italy. Religion News Service file photo

(1978) Pope Paul VI, died at 9:40 p.m. on Aug. 6 at the age of 80, after suffering a heart attack in his summer residence at Castel-gandolfo, Italy. Religion News Service file photo

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VATICAN CITY (RNS) According to the weekly magazine of the Pauline Fathers, a miracle involving the birth of a baby in California in the 1990s has been attributed to the late Italian pope; the identity of the family and its location has not been revealed.

  • John D

    These “canonizations” are simply an attempt to “canonize” the Second Vatican Council, whose “fruits” have caused the greatest crisis in Church history. While John Paul II led a very holy life and suffered much physical debility while pope, he made many poor prudential decisions during his pontificate.. His legacy is closed churches and homosexual priests, because he did nothing to govern the church. He spent much too much time travelling the world. His travels achieved nothing lasting. John the XXIII is a man who disobeyed Our Lady of Fatima who had indicated to seer, Sr. Lucia, that the Third secret of Fatima should be released (in its entirety!) to the world IN 1960! repeat- in 1960! Therefore, this pope should never be canonized-period! Paul VI is a candidate for worst pope in history for his destruction of the Immormorial Tridentine Mass of the ages and for his introduction of the Protestant communion service know as the Novus ordo Missae! Millions have left the church and the many priests and nuns followed suit. BTW, Paul’s commission in forming the new mass was headed by bishop Annibale Bugnini, a man whose membership in an Italian Freemasonic lodge was made know to Pope Paul in the mid 70’s. He was subsequently “banished ” by being named papal legate to Iran…But it was too late. Paul VI also should NOT EVER be canonized!

  • John

    Truly well said. I am hoping this is over with quickly and we continue the work of reforming the reform, if that’s even possible. Or simply that Christ returns. How much can we take of this? Paul VI, seriously? God forgive us and have mercy on us.

  • Jacques

    John, you are right. Paul VI was the man who destroyed the catholic liturgy in enforcing a new mass which was built by a freemason bishop, Bugnini. Upon being given the obvious proof that he truly was a FM, he banned the bishop but enforced the Novus Ordo anyways, without changing one iota. Then he allowed the bishops to spread the rumour that the TLM was strictly forbidden until at last the Pope Benedict said it never had been.
    In addition one must not speak without shame about the unnatural vice Paul VI suffered. His beatification trial began long ago and was suddenly stopped when the late Abbé Georges de Nantes threatened to disclose all the stuff.
    Once the Abbé De Nantes was deceased the trial reopened undisturbedly. But many pages were written on the issue by F. Bellegrandi, R. Engel, Don L. Villa and many others.

  • The Vatican don’t know the signs of the times IE they hate the Latin mass they hate
    anything to do with the past. in fact after Pope John 23 made that speech
    ‘We do not believe these seers who are prophets of doom he was insulting
    Mary and God hence 3 days later we had the Cuban missile Crisis the Vatican hates the Latin mass so the Antichrist will ascend the throne of Peter . The Vatican will learn when the Russians invade. The new Church began with Pope John 23 and it will be destroyed by God.

  • Google Pope john23 speech al opening of Vatican 2. He said about Fatima,’
    We have no times for these prophets of gloom, and from there the church and world was handed over to Lucifer. That is why this Vatican 2 is DOOMED

  • When the Pope ignored the Mandate from heaven thinking he was God bye bye

  • Hal Watts

    All these new Saint Popes is getting ridiculous. We don’t need any more new saints in Heaven right now–the place is crawling with them. We need to focus on being people of good will who work for our fellow humans hear on Earth.

  • John D.

    Raymond, your comment about the Russians invading reminds me of the reported prophecy of Blessed Elena Aiello (died 1961), who predicted that “Russia will march on Europe and the Rhine River will filled with corpses. They will raise their flag (the red flag or the “Russian federation” flag?) over the dome of st. Peter’s. Italy will suffer a great revolution and blood will run in the streets as a punishement for their sins of impurity. All this while America battles Russia’s secret armies.” Is this Ukrainian crisis the beginning of a sudden Soviet invasion of Western Europe? And who are Russia’s secret armies? Could they be the Moslem fanatics we are fighting in Afganistan, Iraq, etc., etc.? Or are these fanatics KGB formed cadres desigend to draw off most of our troops, armor and money into endless, fruitless and unnecessary wars? Or did our own govt pull off 9/11? Is you-know-who in cahoots with Putin? Or is his “foriegn policy” as inept as we have been led to believe? Our Ladt of Fatima pray for us and help us!

  • Joe

    Hey, why not? Its been a Saint factory in Rome for the last 25 yrs. or so anyway, so what is one more?

  • gilhcan

    As an article was titled earlier this week regarding the canonizations of John XXIII and John Paul II, it seems that being pope gives one an “inside track” for beatification and canonization.

    Poor Pius XI, and Pius XII because of that Jewish thing that the church refuses to air, they still linger in Limbo, I guess, or maybe Purgatory. And what about Benedict XV? It’s a wonder his namesake, Benedict XVI, didn’t push him ahead since he admired him so much to take his name. After all, Benedict XVI claims he “always knew John Paul II,” who promoted him so directly to the papacy, “was a saint.”

  • gilhcan

    Johb D: The Second Vatican Council didn’t cause any crisis in church history. Those entrenched in the darkness of medieval religiosity, resisting the fresh air of meaningful changes of Vatican II were the cause of any and all problems. And John Paul II and Benedict XVI aided and abetted their dark trouble making with their non-stop efforts to “reform the reform.” Anyone who claims differently has no knowledge or understanding of religious or church history.

  • gilhcan

    Raymond: When the outworn stuff of the past no longer makes any sense, it is time to make changes that improve it.

  • gilhcan

    Raymond: The way you write, it is the church that is doomed, not Vatican II.

  • gilhcan

    Raymond: Please clarify for us how you or anyone else knows anything about “mandates from heaven. If you think any pope presumed he was God, how about Pius IX and his forced declaration on Vatican I about infallibility? That’s as presumptuous of being God as anything in the history of religion!

    Additionally, Raymond, Vatican II was a council of the bishops of the world, not the work of the Bishop of Rome! And if you think there have ever been two “Catholics” who maintained the same belief system, you are extremely deluded.

  • gilhcan

    Hal Watts: You are so right, and not only in reference to sainted popes. Since Heaven is supposedly the infinite home of the infinite God, isn’t it a return to the Dark Ages mentality of mythology and fairy tales to claim that we know of anyone who is in Heaven? We don’t even know everything about Earth, and that’s where we live and do damage. Let’s concentrate on improving that.

  • gilhcan

    Raymond: The Vatican is not one person. How can you say “The Vatican don’t know the signs of the times IE they hate the Latin mass.” You live in an unreal world, and your have your facts about that world as distorted as your English. I’ll wager you didn’t understand a word of that old Latin Mass, but depended on the English side of the missals available then. And like most Mass attendees, I’d wager you were often not synchronized with the priest whose back was facing you.

  • Jacques

    Oh, yes?
    And how do you explain that TENS of thousands of priests defrocked in the imediate years after the council? How do you explain that the mass attendance has dropped by 80% in France, the eldest daughter of the Church, and almost the same everywhere in Europe and in the US?
    Yes I know your reply: The faithfuls before Vatican II were superficial, superstitious and ignorant. It was a good thing to get rid of them…
    The faithfuls of the post VATII era have been enlightened by the council.

  • Jacques

    You are very ignorant about how the council was hijacked by the modernists. In addition, VATII was only a pastoral one with no infallible definitions about faith and morals, as JPII and Benedict acknowledged later.
    Therefore, VATII is not binding on the faithfuls. It can be disregarded by everyone without sinning.
    On the contrary, you a

  • Jacques

    On the contrary, you are seriously sinning since you are attacking the dogmatic council of Vatican I.
    The papal infallibility is a dogma, sorry for you, and forever. No pope, no faithful can overturn this.
    In doing so you are exposing yourself as a modernist. And the modernism was condemned in his encyclical “Pascendi Domini Gregis” in 1907 by the Pope St Pius X who exactly defined it as, I quote, “the synthesis of ALL heresies”

  • Jacques

    …” being pope gives one an “inside track” for beatification and canonization.”
    This article’s writer looks wholly ignorant about the Medicis and Borgia popes and some others who were liars, murderers, fornicators, adulterers, even one (at least) sodomites.
    The popes are men like others. The post counciliar popes are following that rule like their predecessors did.
    Did Vatican II make the faithfuls and the popes holier than before? I seriously doubt this, seeing the sad state the Church is in the times being.

  • John D

    Gilhcan, I ‘ve seen your modernist comments on other blogs. Look, let’s be honest. You fall into the category of what Bishop sheen used to ask people who hated the church: “What’s your sin?” Well, we are ALL sinners, gilhcan. Right? But I’ve been around long enough to know that someone like you wants to have your sin legitimized and “blessed.” It’s not too far under the surface you see. So I won’t name it but it doesn’t take much imagination to realize what you are dealing with. But no Vat council will get you to heaven. Go to confession, and find a holy “lifestyle.”

  • John D

    Gilchan you simply are NOT CATHOLIC! Stop pretending you are! You are a distorter of truth and a promoter of your own “world/religious” view. A deceiver and divider! Get out of the closet and be honest. Sir!!

  • John D

    Gilhcan-admit it! You are an atheist!!

  • After Pope John23 made that speech we had the Vietnam war, Cuban Missile
    crisis, abuse by Priests, destroying the Church, Priests dressing up as clowns.
    Nuns dancing on altar, sexual revolution, Drugs, New mass, new confessions,
    The church looked like a masonic temple. No one goes to confession, Catholics
    vote for abortion on and on it goes.

  • Larry

    The inevitable is what happened.

    The Catholic Church in Europe did a lot to soil its own reputation from the late 30’s onward. Paul VI was one of only a handful of higher ups in the Vatican who got off his duff and did something during the War besides kiss Hitler and Mussolini’s posterior. Had he done what those before him had done, the decline would have been faster.

    The more peaceful and economically stable a nation becomes, the less hold religion has on people. The Cold War was great for providing political and financial support for the Church but its end made the rampant fearmongering irrelevant. Western Europe is more peaceful in the last 30 years, than it has ever been in recorded history. People don’t run to the arms of the church when they feel safe and content.

    Paul VI tried to make the Church relevant again and to avoid the mistakes of his predecessors of being closed to modernity and ecumenicism.

    Vatican II also got rid of the pernicious official antisemitism which typified the church as well. In light of the foundation of the state of Israel, if Catholics wanted their holy sites accessible, they had to play nice and apologize to the people they had a hand in trying to wipe out.

  • susan

    What say we let God decide who should and who should not be a saint…….

  • susan


  • susan

    whenever the words “never” :” always” “no one” are used………… those are words written by someone who is arrogant and frightened………….God is now and will always be in charge. Why such fear of change. My only concern is where I will end up and to pray for the souls of all of my brothers and sisters. Leave the results up to God if you dare trust Him…………….

  • Larry

    So Jacques, do you think the Catholic Church was wrong to do away with preaching antisemitism as it did before Vatican II?

  • Jacques

    The “antisemitism” of the Church is nothing but a reaction against the vile antichristianism of the jews.
    Do you now that there are about a hundred of blasphemies against Jesus in the Talmud?
    Okay to stop the antisemitism, but the Jews must stop their insults first.

  • Larry

    Good to get that out in the open. You are a reactionary bigot. At least you didn’t try to cover that part up.

    Those damn Jews refused to change their religion to yours after all of those centuries. So anti-Christian in their steadfast adherence to the religion of their ancestors in the face of centuries of hate, discrimination, murder and genocide. Their religious beliefs mock yours in existing the way they are. The fact that you find their (much much older) beliefs to be an insult to yours is silly

    It was people like yourself who gladly volunteered to murder millions of people for the Lord. Hitler had no problem whatsoever getting Catholics to collaborate with him in such things. People who thought as you do. That the existence of the Jewish people were an affront to their Christian faith.The Catholic Church practically signed off on mass murder back in the day.

    Montini (Paul VI) was one of the few who used Vatican power to save lives in places under his control. He also was one of the first to apologize for Church behavior during the Holocaust. Something you find repugnant.

  • Larry

    This is a Poe’s law post , right?

  • Neon Genisis

    The whole concept of the canonization of the saints has no basis in the bible and is a man made tradition. Hebrews says that Jesus is the only one who intercedes on behalf of prayers, not the pope or any Saint.

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  • Larry

    Modernist? As opposed to what?

    Medievalist? Reactionary?

  • Originz

    That Pope Paul VI was homosexual would historically have ruled out his canonisation, but in this age of Modernism and of Pope “who am I to judge” Francis, it is probably a mark in his favour. Imagine the headlines, the first gay saint pope!

  • Are the precious readers aware that it is unscriptural to pray to any other human being but to God the Father only through our Savior, Jesus Christ ? 1Timothy chapter 2, vs 5; For there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.

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  • Sixtus

    There seems to be a rush on a conveyor belt to canonize Vatican II Popes. I find this quite odd. The day after the Canonization of Popes John XXIII and JP II Pope Francis wanted the faithful to study the teachings of these new saints. I have to ask what about the teachings of St. Pope Leo XIII or St. Pope Pius X or even St. Pope Gregory the Great, the greatest Pope that ever lived. Are not Popes suppose to defend the faith and teachings of Christ and Tradition not invent new new age teachings that Liberation Theology teaches?