• Atheist Max

    This is horrible. I’m sad for these distinguished doctors.
    What a loss to all involved. Needless and tragic.

    The Cure is doing Christian missionary proselytizing and that side of their work should be eliminated and become secular. It is difficult enough to help people without having to discuss with them their fantasies about devils, angels and the wrongness of the Quran.

  • Doc Anthony

    Blaming the victim isn’t going to help your atheist cause, Mr. Max.

  • Edward Borges-Silva

    Agreed. To disparage a faith based organization which has just lost three valued members is both tactless and tasteless, and also beside the point.

  • Larry

    I would agree with you if there was evidence CURE was doing missionary work. The organization is medical in nature. Although the funding and organization is religious in nature, there is nothing I found which indicates their work goes beyond setting up the hospitals and giving treatment.

    The hospital was a target because it was set up by foreign forces. To the Taliban, pretty much anything not of their own is fair game. Making life difficult for Afghanis is a way to exert power over them and to scare Western personnel out of the country.

  • Atheist Max

    I’m not blaming the victims.
    I’m saying they are victims twice!!

    They were murdered by an Afghani Muslim – WHY? for being the wrong RELIGION while working in a Muslim country.

    These doctors had been brainwashed by a life in CHRIST to think that it is a good idea to spread the Gospel in Muslim countries where it is OUTLAWED.

    I have nothing but sympathy for these poor doctors and missionaries!
    Murdered for their RELIGION – BY a different RELIGION!

    They clearly believed in doing good for others!
    RELIGION killed them. RELIGION won’t let good things happen!

    Perhaps it is you who should consider that if there were no RELIGION they would still be alive helping people! I am not joking around when I say religion ruins everything.

    Next time you hear someone say “ALL YOU NEED IS FAITH – NOT THOUGHT” just think of what was going through that Afghani Muslim’s mind before he pulled the trigger for Allah!

  • Atheist Max

    These poor victims were killed by religion for Religion.
    My heart goes out to them far more than I can say – I was a believer once like them.

    But these Muslim murderers are only practicing the same poison advocated by the missionary workers:

    “Don’t question your religion – just have FAITH in it”
    Faith itself is the enemy and stories like this should convince everyone.
    The dull, unthinking surrender to faith – the religious mission from God.

    CURE is a missionary enterprise. And as such they advocate the unthinking method of faith – but for Christ instead of Allah.

    This is the cancer at the root of all religion.
    Faith has no mind, no checks and balances, no rationale.
    It will continue to brainlessly create victims until it is reasoned away.

    All missionary faith work for gods must end. It must be conducted for humanity only.

    Remember, the murderer on a mission from Allah
    was taught that his faith was humane, too!

  • Larry

    From what I have seen any relation between CURE and proselytizing missionary work is only there by implication. They appear to emphasize providing medical care and using religious belief as a recruiting tool for finding doctors to work for them.

    I am willing to cut them some slack in that department absent anything showing they were trying to proselytize in an overt fashion. They were targetted because they were a western based aid facility. The doctors were religiously inspired to provide care, I will not disparage them on that basis. Its a bit much.

    OTOH if they were doing anything like distributing Bibles, praying with patients, holding Christian services…then my opinion would change.

  • Atheist Max

    I understand.
    I only wish people could see these tragedies as by-products of faith-based arguments. There is never a victory.

  • David H

    Atheist Max, unless you are a mind reader, you do not know what was going through the mind of the shooter at the hospital. Atheists also go on insane shooting rampages, shooting others and then shooting themselves. And just because someone lives in a Muslim country it doesn’t mean that person is not an atheist at heart. It is what is in the heart that causes people to do cruel acts… or kind ones.

  • Atheist Max

    @David H,

    Yes, Atheists can do bad things.
    But they are not dictated to do so by a God nor do they recognize any forgiveness from a God (which amounts to a free pass) for their bad deeds.

    And that is probably why Atheists usually don’t do such bad things that they end up in prison.