‘Cuz you know you can’t wait for Friday’s Roundup

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Property from a Flemish Private Collection, Netherlandish, Limburg, Mid-16th Century. Corpus Christi, polychromed wood and metal. Photo courtesy Sotheby's London

Property from a Flemish Private Collection, Netherlandish, Limburg, Mid-16th Century. Corpus Christi, polychromed wood and metal. Photo courtesy Sotheby's London

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The Benham brothers lose their HGTV show, nuns are losing trust in the Vatican, Westboro Baptist is losing another Phelps and the crucifixion is losing its central figure. All that and more in today's Roundup.

  • I just watched an interview with Benham Twins on CNN. First of all, their claim that the views of Christians were being “silenced” is BS, since many Gay people ARE Christian, and many Christian churches support equality for Gay Americans. And when they talk about the sinister “Gay Agenda,” they never detail what that “agenda” is. Well, Straight people have never had to worry about being fired from their jobs, kicked out of their rental properties, turned away from businesses, or denied the right to marry the person they love just because of THEIR sexual orientation. I don’t think it’s asking too much that Gay people shouldn’t have to worry about these things either. THAT’S what the “Gay Agenda” is.

    David Benham has made it abundantly clear that he thinks marriage equality for law-abiding, taxpaying Gay couples is somehow “attacking the nation,” and that, “We are not going to allow the demonic forces and agendas behind them to destroy life.”

    Sorry, but I think that goes a little beyond the pale. David Benham may say he doesn’t HATE anyone, but the animosity he has often expressed toward Muslims and Gay people is all I need to know. He has every right to his prejudices, but he does NOT have a right to a program on a private TV network.

    But who knows? Maybe he can get a time slot on Fox News.

  • Whitney Bodman

    FWIW, The summary of the alleged Bible in Turkey is standard Islamic fare. Muslims believe that Jesus ascended into heaven but was never crucified, and that Judas Iscariot, or in some versions, Simon of Cyrene, were made to look like him and were crucified in his stead. The gospel of Barnabas, widely available from Islamic bookstores, recounts how the apostle Paul corrupted the faith, most tragically by asserting the divinity of Jesus. It is possible that early Islamic writers confused Paul of Antioch with Paul of Samosata, the patriarch of Antiochia from 260 A.D., dismissed from his Synod for heretical doctrines. The gospel of Barnabas itself is found in Italian and Spanish texts, probably written by a Muslim convert to Christianity in the 16th century.
    A fascinating Persian movie of the Muslim version of the life of Christ, with English subtitles, can be found at:

  • Whitney Bodman

    Please correct my comment. It should be a Christian convert to Islam.

  • Doc Anthony

    Ummm, legalized gay marriage IS equivalent to attacking (and destroying) America.

    You don’t always need to kill or nuke a nation from the outside. Killing it from the INSIDE, works just as well. Just ask any gay-marriage activist.

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  • CarrotCakeMan

    Massachusetts has had marriage equality for over 10 years now. If there was some “damage” to Massachusetts, there would be some concrete evidence by now, reported by a legitimate media outlet. Where’s your evidence, Doc?

    I know, it’s so much easier just to post vicious anti-gay Hate Speech than to document your wild claims.

  • Gary

    It seems to me that the growing support for the legal recognition of same sex unions has less to do with a so called gay agenda, an attack on Christian values, or even an acceptance of homosexual lifestyles, and much to do with the basic justice of the thing. People just can’t find a valid reason to oppose same sex unions, not because they necessarily accept them, but because most of us believe that all citizens, gay or not, are deserving of the same opportunities to find joy and love in life. I can’t understand how a desire to celebrate a loving relationship in public represents an attack on Christian values or American society. As I said, it has more to do with common justice than anything else.

  • Diane

    Enough already with the ‘cuz. It got tiringly trite.

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