Iranian women embrace ‘stealthy freedoms’ with hijab-free selfies on Facebook

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Iranian women are defying their country’s conservative laws en masse by posting photos of themselves in public without headscarves on Facebook. Their actions are brave, but are they safe?

  • Atheist Max

    How heartbreaking that these wonderful, beautiful girls must dodge the Iranian authorities just to live normally!

    Religion is useless, despicable nonsense.

  • It means they not free & get to knew that in this modern world they need to be more social & comfortable rather than leaving lowly…

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  • Noreen Lundeen

    When will people be free of all of this nonsense? Does any one who believes
    in God think that God would be fearful of a women’s clothes? The clothes are
    simply a symbol of a small group of men world wide who find equality a threat
    to their limited concept of power. Men and women are only strong when both
    are free of such complete nonsense.

  • The Great God Pan

    “Hijab has not ever been what I have chosen.”

    She should talk to one of our Western “social justice” advocates from the Millennial Generation, who would explain to her (with a heaping helping of venomous sarcasm) that wearing hijab is an Empowering and Feminist choice, and that not wanting to wear it means she is not only an Islamophobic Orientalist and a Western Imperialist, but a Patriarch to boot! They would tell her that by wanting to not wear hijab, she is Othering and Erasing the women who DO want to wear it!

    Our “social justice” warriors–educated at elite universities and ensconced in cushy jobs at think tanks, non-profits and contrarian websites–would tell these uppity women to Check Their Privilege!

  • Atheist Max