UN criticizes Vatican on sexual abuse but stops short of calling it torture

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The United Nations headquarters in New York.

Photo courtesy of Steve Cadman, via Wikimedia Commons

The United Nations headquarters in New York.

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ROME (RNS) The panel’s criticism was far more muted than a scathing February report from the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child that asserted that the Vatican had fostered “impunity” for abusers.

  • gilhcan

    The UN appears to be just as much afraid of the Vatican as the U.S. Justice Department. I like Eric Holder, the U.S. Attorney General a great deal–but for two very unforgivable faults.

    Holder has led a justice system that has been extremely weak about going after all the clergy involved in the Catholic sex scandal, both bishops and priests. After Cardinal Law was allowed to escape to Rome under the Bush/Cheney regime, nothing different was done when Obama and Holder took office.

    Holder and our justice system have been just as lax about the thieves on Wall St. who ruined our economy. He has not prosecuted a single one of those thugs. And guess what? Holder was a big, big member of a big, big New York law firm that work mightily for Wall St. before Obama nominated him to be our Attorney General.

    And now the UN, very, very belatedly, merely taps the Vatican on the proverbial wrist, saying, “Naughty Boys!” in response to its horrid record of world-wide clerical sex crimes. No surprise that the Vatican is located in the land of “The Untouchables!”

    Our prisons are overflowing with people who smoked a joint, and all these monster criminals in finance and sex are allowed to live free and roll in super wealth.

  • drwho13

    You’re right on the mark; “The UN appears to be just as much afraid of the Vatican as the U.S. Justice Department.”

    A lot of Catholics are NOT fully aware of how serious the child sexual abuse crimes are within the RCC. If the “left” is perceived as too heavy handed, some of the voters will shift to the radical “right’s” misguided concept of religious freedom. I wish there was a clear course of action that would punish these creepy Catholic prelates. I would love to see some of them doing serious prison time.

  • Laurence Charles Ringo

    Frankly, I myself place the blame equally on the Catholic rank-and-file for one simple reason:their near-idolization of their priests, bishops, and popes.They’ve bought into the man-made, man-centered, religious system for centuries, sacrificing their souls and the souls of their children on the altars of idols, criminals, and human beasts, and now your chickens are coming home to roost.Your”church”had a vested interest in keeping ordinary christians separated from The Only True Saviour and Lord, Jesus the Christ;you allowed mere men to usurp His rightful place in your hearts, so…here you all are,”stuck like Chuck”to a system of lies, myths, and man-made fairy tales you have no idea how to escape from.Trust me, my dearly loved catholic friends: CHRIST IS THE ONLY ANSWER FOR YOU. Your pope’s vaguely worded claims can’t give you the answers you seek.

  • Atheist Max

    On a related matter, the UN is considering outlawing “blasphemy” in its member states.

    This would put certain criticisms of religion off limits; possibly the Vatican.
    We all need to object to anti-blasphemy legislation wherever it is proposed.

    Blasphemy is a victimless crime.