• jim miller

    martin scorsese luther

  • Dan Warne

    What, no Dr. Michael Horton Hears a Who?

  • Perry Hess

    R.C. Cola Sproul

  • Perry Hess

    Donald Bloesch his little heart.

  • Perry Hess

    Alsace Loraine Boettner

  • Lee Baines

    Al Whack-a-Mohler

  • Perry Hess

    A little Dabney’ll do ya.
    (RL Dabney)

  • Stephen

    John Pied Piper

  • Stephen

    Thomas Boston Strong

  • Stephen

    John Knox Knox Who’s There

  • Victor

    What, no John Calvin&Hobbes?

  • Bethany

    John Calvin Klein 🙂

  • John Calvin & Hobbes…

  • Daniel Banuelos

    Sinclair Voyant Furguson

  • B.B. Gun Warfield

  • Dr. James Slighty Off-White

  • T-Papa

    Minucius Felix the cat

  • I did the Augustine of Hippo joke a good 24 hours before the one you credit here.

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