No solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will tear down the region’s gender walls

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Women watching a bar mitvah from behind a wall next to the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Photo by Brian Pellot

Women watching a bar mitvah from behind a wall next to the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

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Gender walls, both literal and figurative, are so entrenched in the Levant that no solution to the region's geopolitical conflicts, no matter how miraculous, will be enough to tear them down.

  • John W

    “This wooden fence serves as a potent reminder of the second-class status most women endure in the region”

    So with a host of nasty regimes to choose from in the region, your example of the Middle East’s mistreatment of women is this?


  • Brian Pellot

    For this particular piece, yes. Go ahead and read some of my other posts for context…

  • Larry

    In all fairness Israel is the only country in the region which would take this kind of criticism seriously and even possibly address it.

    Sometimes its best to direct criticism at the problems you have hope in changing.

  • Most women want to be home,& to be protected. Most children want their moms at home. There would be alot less broken homes if all women would have their lives revolve around their homes just as it is illustrated in our ancient writings. Look what happened to Dina. So, you want menstruating women carrying Torahs ? You can’t fight nature. Big muscles are for physical work & tender hearts are for nurturing.

  • Larry

    You haven’t met my wife. She would kick your butt (double black belt) for your remarks.

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  • did the israeli-palestinian peace agreements already happened or is there any extension regarding on that particular event

  • Larry

    Have the Palestinians thrown Hamas and Fatah to the curb once and for all?

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