Tweetfest: Eric Cantor and the death of the Jewish GOP

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Rep. Eric Cantor lost his bid for reelection, leaving the House with no Jewish Republican members. Photo courtesy of Eric Cantor's Flickr account


Rep. Eric Cantor lost his bid for reelection, leaving the House with no Jewish Republican members. Photo courtesy of Eric Cantor's Flickr account

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(RNS) House Majority Leader Eric Cantor -- the only Republican Jewish member of Congress -- lost his primary. The Twitterverse responds.

  • Cantor is an embarrassment. I used to say “I wonder if we could give him back” while hoping that he would convert to some other religion. The dearth of Blacks, Jews, Gays and Latinos tells you a great deal about the GOP.

    The last Jewish GOP Senator was Norm Coleman – who was replaced by Al Franken.

  • Atheist Max

    The real story here is the rebirth of the Tea Party
    and its fascist Right Wing Christian Core nonsense.

    May it implode before it gather’s steam.

  • Fran

    It would be wiser and more beneficial for Mr. Cantor to put his faith and trust in Yahweh, since His kingdom or heavenly government (Daniel 2:44) is the only hope for mankind (Revelation 21:1-4).

  • Larry

    Do you ever find it the least bit silly to quote the New Testament when talking about Judaism?

    If someone gave you spiritual advice quoting the Quoran, how would you react?

  • Fran

    Larry, no, because the New Testament completes the Old Testament and is where the Old Testament (including Daniel 2:44) finds complete fulfillment, not the Quoran. There are some Messianic Jews who do believe that Jesus is the Messiah..that is a good start.

  • Larry

    Ah but not to a Jew. They consider the Torah complete enough without a new testament mucking things up.:)

    Just as to a Muslim, the Quran completes the Old and New Testaments. They consider themselves the successors to Christianity, just as Christians consider themselves successors to the Jews. Of course such idea of “progression” is considered offensive to those “progressed from”.

    To a Jewish person, the New Testament quote when discussing spiritual matters would be as offensive to them as a reference to the Quoran would be to you in the same situation.

    “It would be wiser if you put your faith and trust in God and the perfect heavenly government Mohammed described for all mankind”

  • Fran

    Larry, then they will see, with their own eyes, the fulfillment of that prophecy in Daniel accomplished by Yahweh through his son, Yeshua, and there will be no doubts by them or anyone else on the planet.

    Mohammed was an imperfect man like all the rest of us and is not Almighty God, like Yahweh is, so Yahweh’s Word is the truth. Besides that, Mohammed died and is still dead.

  • Larry

    Why be polite (or even civil) to people of other faiths? They will drop their silly heathen ways and come around to good old Jesus.

    Why do Evangelicals get annoyed when I accuse them of being tone deaf to anyone outside their faith? You were willing to declare that clearly and unambiguously. 🙂

  • Fran

    It’s right to be civil to everyone… Jesus said that the display of love to our fellowman was the second most important commandment after loving God with our whole heart, mind, body and strength. We are all a part of the “human family” that should love one another, but that’s just not happening in today’s world. Complete brotherhood of man will be met through God’s kingdom.

    I am always willing to declare my faith, and I’m a very happy person who enjoys peace of mind, knowing what marvelous future we have to look forward to. When a person has “good news” about something, they want to share it with all.

  • jim claussen

    Personally, I never find it “the least bit silly” to quote either the Old Testament or the New Testament of the Bible! God’s Word is more sharper and more powerful than any two-edged sword! Also, I agree with FRAN that the New Testament complements and completes the Old Testament. Messianic Jews do believe that Jesus is the true Messiah…and have accepted Him as Savior. No apology or embarrassment is needed!