Supreme denial * Anti-Christian violence * Cathengelicals? : Tuesday’s Roundup

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Back of graduates during commencement. Image courtesy of hxdbzxy via Shutterstock.

Back of graduates during commencement. Image courtesy of hxdbzxy via Shutterstock.

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The Supremes pass on a big religion case -- at least for now. Al-Shabaab massacres Christians watching the World Cup. And Catholic politicians who are evangelical too.

  • Brian Pellot

    I’m telling your boss about the beer! 🙂

  • Doc Anthony

    Thank you, Archbishop Cordileone. You are doing the right thing, not only for Catholics but for all Christians in America. God bless your efforts.

  • John McGrath

    His opponents, or the media, should have been clearer. The organization sponsoring this rally teaches that gays should be hated. This is contray to Catholic teaching. He is endorsing a dangerlous group.

  • James

    For the first time that I’ve noticed, there’s an NRA advertisement on this site. I’ve actually never seen one in any site I’ve visited, so it strikes me as strange. I know that how advertisements appear on websites is complicated, but if it involved a conscious choice on the part of RNS, I’m sorry to say I could no longer interact with it (not that it matters, but I did respond to your recent solicitation with a monetary gift). Please tell me it ain’t so.

  • Lauren Markoe

    Hi James: I asked my editor and he said that the NRA does not buy ad space from RNS. It’s not a conscious choice by RNS. It is, he believes, an ad created by Google and based on your Googling history. But strange that you would get a pro-NRA ad. Google seems to have pegged you for someone else.

  • DAvid

    I find it intereting tat Catholics receiving academic degrees from Reformed/Protestant universities is a shocker to some. Many of our Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod pastors and professors have studied for and received their doctorate degrees from Roman Catholic universities such as Notre Dame for decades. It’s often helpful for someone pursuing a degree of such honor to attend a place which will both challenge and broaden their scholarship to the max. Both of our seminaries, in Fort Wayne, IN and in St. Louis, MO have taught doctoral candidates from other church bodies as well.

  • Jr

    Get a life.