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  • Lles Nats

    B. Russell is always an insightful read. He sought answers against a backdrop of equality for all worldviews. The modern humanist writers are all politocal bias garbage. Stick with the classics. The modern humanist thought could only be incubated in a society like ours where fake systems of freedom and money exist and consequence/ responsability are nonexistent.

  • You may also want to check the book “Why our Children will be Atheists-The last 100 years of religion and the dawn of a new world” which is a new book and fast rising in the best sellers list on atheism


  • Anne Klaeysen

    Here’s another one, Chris: Melanie Brewster’s “Atheists in America”

  • Larry Meza

    Bertrand Russell’s book…Why I Am Not A Christian…is the most simplistic and unthoughtful work that I have ever read on atheism. It is equivalent to the old “proofs for God” theories that were popular around the same time. Each merely confirms the already established heliefs of those who read them

  • Atheist Max

    Great new list of Atheist books.
    So overdue.

    The greatest Atheist book of all is The Bible.
    Read the whole thing – one page at a time
    and you’ll be an Atheist
    before you get to the end.

  • Atheist Max

    @Larry Meza,

    You do realize that non-believers
    are people who ‘don’t believe’.

    How do you figure Non-belief requires “belief.”
    How much effort is it taking you to not believe in God Thor? Is that some sort of ‘activity’? Is there a Thor church you go to with other people and say “There is no Thor, I must ignore Thor.”?

    Is OFF a TV channel?
    Is skipping breakfast the same as eating Eggs and Bacon for breakfast?
    Is not having faith the same thing as having faith?

    You prove that the religious mind is a Totalitarian Dictatorship without an exit ramp or an off button.

  • David

    “History of Freedom of Thought,” by J. B. Bury. 1914.

  • Robert Henderson

    You have missed the writings of the greatest Atheist of the 19th century. I would suggest ‘What’s God Got To Do With It, the Separation of Church and State”.

  • Robert Henderson

    You are missing the writings of the most important Atheist of the 19th century, Robert Ingersoll. His collection of writings, “What’s God Got To Do With It, the Separation of Church and State” is a classic

  • Godless Americana was wonderful. It fills a much-overlooked gap in the topics atheists will commonly discuss today.

  • Larry Meza

    Yiu guys gave some good suggestions I’m sure but I only referenced Bertrand Russell because one of his books was mentioned in the article above. I’m going to start with some of the new atheust books when I can get a moment of time to try to get caught up there.

    And Max.. Thank you for all of your completely predictable statements that you make on every site. it saves me from having to read any of them anymore.

  • Jeff

    I’m glad to see Susan Jacoby’s ‘Freethinkers’ and Bertrand Russell’s ‘Conquest of Happiness’ mentioned. I would only amend the list to include Roderick Bradford’s biography ‘D. M. Bennett, The Truth Seeker.’

    I hope to see his ‘American Freethought’ documentary film series (www.americanfreethought.tv) as part of a subsequent list of atheist films which deserve the attention of anyone, secular or otherwise, who is interested in the history of our republic.

  • Jerry Schwarz

    If you’re already an atheist. That is, if you already have no belief in any god then what you need to read isn’t another book telling you why religion is bad or there is no god, but books about how the world really works. I’d suggest almost anything by Daniel Dennett or Richard Dawkins. I’d recommend Dawkins’es “The Magic of Reality” or Dennett’s “Darwin’s Dangerous Idea”.